2021.10.02 Core - The Gospel of Light (1 Peter 2:9)


The Bible has revealed to the method of actually receiving answers and the actual method of doing world evangelization. Discovering those methods is important. 1 Peter 2:9 states that you’ve been called as the "spiritual king, spiritual priest, and spiritual prophet.“ How is that possible?

▣ Introduction_ The Light (A Blessing That Only the Saved Can Enjoy)

What kind of light is it?

1. Genesis 1:3 – You have received “the light of creation.”

2. Isaiah 60:1-2 – By shining this light people will come to it.

3. John 1:11 (John 1:12) Jesus Himself came directly as the Light. If you believe in that, the Bible states that you’ve given the right to become a child of God. You've been given the right or authority to move that light.

4. Matthew 5:13-16 - "You are the light of the world."

5.1 Peter 2:9 - We've been called to shine this light.

Why? Because people are dying in darkness, you must shine this light on darkness. In doing so, darkness will flee.

You must shine the light on Satan’s 12 strategies. This will be connected to world evangelization.


The Worldly Kingdom, Satan's Kingdom, and God's Kingdom

already been ruined or destroyed. They are the masters of darkness.

Christ has already resolved everything. He has called you as a spiritual king, spiritual priest, and spiritual prophet and has entrusted the blessing of the light to you.

▣ Main

1. Called as a spiritual king, you’ll give answers to kings and relay the light.

1) Kings Who Are Globalized - Relay Answers to Kings Who Move the World / This is 237.

2) The Reason You Shouldn't Be Discouraged - Only One Method to Send the 7 RTs to Serve Those Kings. They were sent as slaves, captives, and were colonized. That’s why hardships are tremendous opportunities.

2. Called as a spiritual priest, you’ll block disasters.

1) Block the Disasters in Powerful Nations

2) Eliminate All the Disasters within Nations That Are Colonized

3) Block the Destruction of Israel

3. Called as a spiritual prophet, you’ll shine the light to save those who’ve fallen into idolatry.

1) The spiritual idols of Israel that were completely broken down. (Acts 1-4)

2) Idols in Macedonia were broken down with the light. (Acts 13, 16, & 19)

3) Idols in Rome were broken down. (They changed their master.)

▣ Conclusion

Make a proper prayer that shines the light and realistically make it yours.

The Prayer of Those Who Remained 24

The Prayer of Pilgrims 25

The Prayer of Conquerors Eternity

Just continue to pray about this. You are a witness of this. You are a witness who will save this age.
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