2021.10.09 BIM - Lec. 1 The Life Edit That the Military Must Do (Numbers 14:1-10)


The military is the last training field and time schedule. It's the last opportunity to gather as a collective unit and not have any personal freedom. Because it cannot take place once you leave, God has given us the greatest opportunity regarding the military. That's why you must do "The Life Edit That the Military Must Do." God allowed the Israelites to remain in Kadesh Barnea for 38 years because He regarded the “life edit” for even one or two to be extremely important.

(Numbers 14:1-10). What ministry must you do in the military? You must possess the answer of being able to do “life edit.”

You need to make a program called "Meditation for Military Life" or if it's in written form, then "Meditation for Military Life Booklet" is needed. Although we’re in a situation when everything has been closed off just like the members of the Early Church, because of person to person and disciple to disciple, it's done very quickly. Why? People who are involved with the Nephilim are using transcendental meditation to conquer the world. Transcendental meditation centered on people can never be compared with God's Word that we possess. If the enters, everyone will clearly live. There’s no other way besides that.

▣ Introduction_ As you do this, there's something that you must keep in mind. A rapidly changing society is coming that’ll make life difficult to live. Although it may be correct, it isn’t the answer. From a long time ago, changes has occurred in 100-year increments.

1. If you look in the Pentateuch, at the very least, Moses looked ahead 100 years. Moses saw what would happen when the Israelites entered Canaan.

2. Moses saw the age of disasters. If you have “life edit” with God’s Word through “Meditation for Military Life Booklet,” works will take place.

3. Because the Israelites' imprints; roots; and nature had to be changed, God used Moses to carry out that work. God wanted Moses to bring out the Israelites and imprint them with Exodus 3:15-20.

▣ Main_ The posterity that had no idea regarding the content of the introduction remained. What could be done concerning that matter? Kadesh Barnea was the time to make a resolution. The key for meditation regarding military life is restoring Genesis 1:27 in the posterity. In Genesis 2:7, God placed His image solely in people. God not only gave man a soul, which was His image, he breathed into man a living spirit. In Genesis 2:1-18, God created man in the Garden of Eden so that he could conquer the world; however, that was taken away. So, through the "Meditation for Military Life Booklet," "The First Mission of Military Missions is to restore Genesis 1:27, Genesis 2:7, and Genesis 2:1-18 in the posterity.

1. In order to change incorrect imprints, the covenant must be imprinted.

1) The Gospel must be imprinted.

2) The Three Feasts (salvation, the works of the Holy Spirit, and the power of the throne) must be enjoyed. A testament to those mysteries is the Ark of the Covenant.

3) Through the “Meditation for Military Life Booklet,” this gathering represents the Tabernacle, tent of meeting, and tent where the posterity can restore Genesis 1:27, Genesis 2:7, and Genesis 2:1-18. These include worship (Tabernacle), the temple (tent of meeting), and the life (tent).

2. With one misstep, the military and the world can become fields of self-destruction. That’s why the field must be changed. Look at the field of the posterity in Numbers 14:1-10. The ten spies returned and spoke nonsense.

1) Canaan was "a land that flows with milk and honey." People will always see good things as being good.

2) "The people who dwell in the land are strong, the cities are fortified and very large, and there are giants living there. We mustn't enter!" They saw that field and became very discouraged.

3) "To the South, were the Amalekites. The Hittites; Jebusites; and Amorites lived in the hill country." It was a description of the environment.

4) "In comparison, we are like grasshoppers." They were deluded.

5) "Then all the congregation raised a loud cry, and the people wept that night." That's how frightening public opinion was.

3. In Kadesh Barnea and in the military, "life edit" must completely arise. It is the final imprint.

1) Joshua and Caleb "tore their clothes." It symbolized a heart of repentance before God.

2) "It was truly a beautiful land." That was how everyone perceived it.

3) "It's a land given by God." Joshua and Caleb said something very important. "They are bread for us. Their protection is removed from them." (vv. 9) They saw the situation accurately.

4) "All the Israelites wanted to stone them.“ This is today's reality.

5) At that time, "The glory of the Lord appeared at the tent of meeting to all the people of Israel." When you hold onto "The First Mission of Military Missions" as your covenant, the glory of the Lord will be established. Don't be deceived. When you grab hold of the covenant today, you may feel lonely and frustrated; however, the glory of the Lord will be established. Whenever you complain; are dissatisfied and disappointed; and misunderstand, it may seem like nothing and more communication may take place, but darkness will follow later on.

▣ Conclusion_ Military Missions is the most important strategy to completely destroy Satan's tactics.

1. Longstanding Problems - Thoughts centered on people are Genesis 3, 6, & 11.

2. Longstanding Problems – You are being deluded. "He doesn't believe in God and yet everything is going so well for him" is Acts 13, 16, & 19.

3. Longstanding Problems - Your eyes become dim. Clueless, you’re completely seized by the 6 states of the unbeliever. By doing “life edit” through “only Word” and “only Gospel,” you must change Satan’s 12 strategies planted in the posterity.
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