2021.10.10 1st Service - Lec. 4 Time to Pray for the Nation (1 Samuel 1:9-11)


On June 25, after the Korean War broke out, when all the land was seized and only Busan was left, pastors and elders came together and truly prayed for the nation. That’s when a miracle arose.

▣ Introduction_ When you truly pray for the nation, works arise.

1. King Hezekiah’s Prayer for the Nation

When the 185,000 Assyrian soldiers were mobilized and invaded, King Hezekiah sent an envoy; gold and silver from the palace and from its wall. Realizing that it wasn’t going to work, King Hezekiah went to the temple, faced the walls and sincerely prayed before God. That night, the angel of the Lord went out and struck down the 185,000 Assyrian soldiers.

2. Moses’ Mother Prays for the Nation

3. Hannah Didn’t Receive Answers until She Prayed for a Nazarite

▣ Main_ All of you, and all Military Missions workers, are heading to the field as missionaries. Do “Prayer 24.” Why?

1. The moment when you pray for the nation, first and foremost, disasters crumble.

▷ Nobody prayed for the nation. When Hannah prayed for a Nazarite, what works arose?

1) Through the blessing of the throne, she received the answer of beginning the prayer of those who remain.

2) She received the answer of starting the pilgrims’ prayer that transcended time and space.

3) She received the answer of starting the unprecedented and never-repeated conquerors’ prayer.

▷ You must begin these prayers. I (Rev. Ryu) do “prayer 24” to the point where I dislike talking to other people.

2. The moment when you pray for the nation, the works of saving the posterity arise.

1) A Nazarite was born.

2) A Nazarite is a leader with spiritual strength and skills. Through the prayer of one military missions worker, the posterity will arise. Unconditionally, hold onto one thing and do “prayer 24.”

3) The Nazarite, Samuel, raised a soldier like David.

Through one person who prays for the nation and the military like Hannah, you must remember that these works will take place.

3. The moment when you pray for the nation, the work of saving the future arises.

▷ During the time when you genuinely pray for the nation, disasters crumble and the posterity and the future are revived. Prayer is accurate science. When God heard the woman pray for the nation, He blocked disasters and gave her a son. Later, Samuel raised David. And during Samuel’s lifetime, the Bible records that the Philistines couldn’t wage war.

1) Joseph prayed for works that would take place thirteen years later.

▷ Don’t think that you’re too old, look toward to what is ahead and pray now. Joseph was enslaved as a teenager, but in Egypt, he prayed for world evangelization.

2) Jochebed prayed for works that would arise through her son Moses 80 years later in the future.

▷ Your church must firmly hold onto works that will do 237, healing, and Summit and pray. Military Missions ministers must hold onto the covenant that will save the military. Rev. Ryu firmly held onto the covenant and said, “I’m going to do world evangelization. Even though there weren’t any changes regarding my capabilities or possessions, and despite remaining the same, I firmly held onto the covenant and God open the doors to world evangelization.

3) Hannah held onto the sure fact that if Samuel were sent to the temple and were raised as a Nazarite, he would save the nation.

4) Elijah, Elisha, and Obadiah firmly held to the covenant no matter what crises befell them.

▷ Starting now, pray to save the military and the nation; to bind darkness; and to save the posterity and the future. Those who’ve seen this will triumph.

5) Shadrach; Meshach; and Abednego, who were taken captive, were courageous even in the crisis of death.

▷ What was the reason? They firmly held onto the covenant that would arise later on. They knew that they were taken captive because they had lost hold of the Gospel and lacked spiritual strength; however, they went into the palace. They held onto the covenant and said, “This is where we will show evidences.” It seemed like answers didn’t come, but they did through incidents.

6) Knowing that Israel and Rome would be destroyed, the members of the Early Church didn’t waver and stood as witnesses after receiving power and the filling of the Holy Spirit.

▣ Conclusion_ Begin praying for the nation and military missions.

1. There aren’t any churches that help military missions. Each church should appropriate a budget for military missions.

2. Young Adults in the Completely Barren Military Fields - It’s the final opportunity to fix spiritual problems and change imprints.

Military missions workers must do this ministry knowing that it’s the final opportunity.

3. You must restore the power of prayer. – God bestowed the greatest answers when people prayed for the nation. Pray to bind the forces of darkness in the Republic of Korea.
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