2021.10.31 1st Service - Restore the Church (1 Chronicles 29:10-14)

▣ Introduction_ If you know the Gospel, you can see prayer. When you see prayer, you can see the world.

1. The Israelites failed to realize this so they were enslaved, constantly faced wars, were taken as captives, colonized, and faced suffering.

What is this Gospel today? What is prayer? Without knowing those answers, will you know what true answers are? Knowing these will make today the greatest day.

2. The Catholic Church Had Lost Hold of This - Today is the day of Martin Luther’s Religious Reformation (Oct 31, 1517).

▷ It emphasized a magnificent church, beautiful deeds, and a lot of wonderful works to receive salvation. It made people buy indulgences had a separate worship devoted to the deceased and gave sacraments for the dead.

▷ At that time, Martin Luther referenced Romans 1:16- 17, “The righteous shall live by faith.” The world knows who won.

3. Churches Have Lost Hold of This – We must pray for the General Assembly.

As a result, multiethnic leaders of the 237 nations haven’t received any evangelism training. We aren’t able to reach the 5,000 people groups. Churches are 90 percent dependent. Church members don’t know the spiritual mystery, so they continue to do things that are wrong. Churches continue to have fights internally and externally.

▣ Main

1. Restoration – Samuel and David knew the Gospel; they knew prayer; and they saw the world correctly.

▷ Not a single word that Samuel spoke fell to the ground. (1 Samuel 3:19) “And the Spirit of the Lord rushed upon David from that day forward.” (1 Samuel 16:13)

1) What is the Gospel? (Christ) - The true Prophet who opened the way to meet God, the true Priest who solved all curses and disasters, and the true King who crushed Satan’s power. It’s the Gospel of Christ that destroyed those three curses, so this becomes the most valuable. Whoever knows these knows what prayer is.

2) What is prayer?

(1) It’s the mystery of being inside the blessing of the throne which transcends time and space and shines the light upon the 237 nations. – This becomes a spiritual platform.

(2) The answer of God’s image planted in you (Genesis 1:27) and the “breath of life” given by God (Genesis 2:7) are revived every time you worship. Through the filling of the Holy Spirit, works arise and you receive the answer to restore the Garden of Eden. (Genesis 2:1-18) – These spiritual mysteries within you become the spiritual watchtower that opens spiritual communication with the throne.

(3) At this time, the world is visible. This is called unprecedented and never-repeated - When this takes place, you become a spiritual antenna.

▷ Church have lost hold of this. That’s why they must be saved.

3) This is what Samuel possessed. – Not a single word from Samuel fell to the ground! That meant that all his prayers were answered. That meant that all his prayers had to be answered.

▷ You’ll change once you know God's amazing mystery of prayer. True healing will take place and true power will emerge. These are what you need to restore.

2. Relay it. – This is what he relayed.

1) It was the Mizpah movement. – All the Israelites returned to the Lord. They discarded all idols. They turned to the Lord and offered a newborn lamb. While Samuel lived, wars ceased. (1 Samuel. 7:13) He enjoyed the blessing of the throne, the power that transcended time and space, and the light upon the 237 nations. He revived himself and his soul, and brought all the meditations of his heart before God. David prepared what God had desired the most which was the temple.

2) This was relayed to David. – “The Spirit of God rushed upon David from that day forward.” (1 Sam. 16:13) David’s Prayer (He enjoyed the blessing of the throne, the power that transcended time and space, and the light upon the 237 nations. He revived himself and his soul, and brought all the meditations of his heart before God.) David prepared what God had desired the most which was the temple.

3) All of you and our pastors, must restore this. – For those who have really seen God’s mystery of prayer, everything seems so worthless. That’s what you must experience.

▷ The world will be revived when this takes place in one person. Because Samuel emerged, it was relayed to David. And that one person David, saved the world.

3. Answers to block disasters. – They blocked the disasters of the world.

1) Works to block the disasters of Israel arose. - Wars ceased because of Samuel. All the forces of darkness in Israel crumbled because of David.

2) Samuel and David blocked the disasters of the church. – All visions were cut off in Israel. However, disasters were prevented because of Samuel who lied down beside the Ark of the Covenant.

3) Works to block the disasters of the posterity arose.

▷ You must have the setting of knowing what the Gospel is, what prayer is, and of seeing the world correctly. If you try to live without these, life will be a struggle. You’ll run errands for unbelievers. You’ll become Satan’s servant. How difficult will it be for God's people to be dragged around the world instead of leading it!

▣ Conclusion_ The 5,000 people groups and the 237 nations are without the Gospel.

1. There are so many pastors without any theological background in the 237 nations.

2. There are pastors who don’t evangelize, but block the doors to the 5,000 people groups.

3. The posterity that doesn’t know the Gospel.

▷ Those from the Reformed Denomination are the answer. We need to raise individuals from these nations as the moderators of our assembly to open great doors of evangelism. If you really know what prayer is, all you need to do is pray. Begin your prayer today. You must receive true answers.
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