2021.11.6 BIM - The Reason for Welfare (Acts 13:1-4)

The throne, the transcendence of time and space, the 237 light are answers “that have come from above.” There are no greater blessings than these. These three important points that haven’t taken place so far must be “in you.” That is Genesis 1:27, 2:7, and 2:1-18. Without these rightful and tremendous blessings within you, works won’t arise. That’s why God has made you a temple and says that He will accomplish His works (1 Corinthians 3:16). More important is the third point. When you say “unprecedented and never-repeated,” you might think that you’re doing something exceptional. You’re doing “what must be done.” To enjoy these three points is prayer. Your prayers don’t need topics. You just need to see what has come down from above. It's all about filling yourself with these. Not with anything else, but to be filled with God. You must be filled with Christ and the Holy Spirit. Then, naturally, what you need to do will emerge

▣ Introduction_ Welfare is the closest to missions.

▷ If welfare workers properly know welfare, they will be the closest to world missions.

1. Revive Yourself - You’ll be set with the nine points from above.

This is the most important for welfare workers. It isn’t a method, but the nine points must be in you. That’s why David prayed, “Revive me and my soul.”

2. The nine points can be relayed to those next to you or to welfare recipients.

3. The field of welfare administration will be revived. The "9 Settings" in this field will be shown as masterpieces, both visibly and invisibly.

▷ If the “9 Settings” are done, you must do works according to what you possess. In doing so, you’ll suffer and others will suffer as well.

▣ Main_ Three points to really concentrate on.

1. Physical Welfare – Because you must heal life, you must help others “concentrate on life.”

1) Deut. 10:18 – You must widows who are in need.

Mark 12:40 – Jesus instructed to show widows mercy.

2) Ex. 22:22 – You must help children who don’t have any parents. This is a high-priority command.

3) Ex. 22:25 – You must help those in poverty.

▷ When Jesus spoke those words, the background contained mental and spiritual welfare.

Based on the background that contained the Word and spiritual healing, Jesus also spoke about physical welfare.

▷ If there are welfare workers who know Christ, they’ll be able to relay spiritual matters tremendously.

To know Christ means to enjoy “the things that come from above” through prayer. Because there’s the power to enjoy these blessing “in you,” the answer will be “the things that you must do.”

You don't have to worry about what to do. If you pray and enjoy so that real spiritual blessings appear, they’ll surely emerge.

2. Mental Welfare – Because you have to change something, you need “meditation concentration.”

1) Matt. 11:18 - “Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden,”

2) Mark 5:1-10 - Those Who Are Mentally Afflicted

3) Acts 8:4-8 - People Who Are Seized by Various Diseases and Are Suffering

▷ You need to relay strong power to these people and make them revived. If you come to your senses a little, you’ll come to understand the Gospel. In doing so, works will begin.

3. Spiritual Welfare – You need “limited concentration.”

▷ Where did Paul concentrate?

1) Acts 13:1-12 - Take a closer look to see the extent of his concentration.

2) Acts 16:16-18 – This was the second point that Paul concentrated on.

3) Acts 19:8-20 – At Tyrannus

▣ Conclusion

▷ Helping welfare recipients so that they no longer need welfare is the greatest form of welfare.

1. Spiritual Healing - You need to help those people to know God's blessings.

2. The Healing of the Heart and Thoughts

3. The Healing of Life

4. The Healing of the Environment

5. The Healing of Poverty

▷ Is it difficult to go into the field? It just looks difficult. That kind of thought can never save others.

Are you faced with a crisis? That’s an opportunity. This is your chance to see your life in its entirety. opportunity to start accurately.

Don't be deceived.
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