2021.11.7 1st Service - The Age of Elijah (1 Kings 19:1-8)

▣ Introduction_ You must find two answers.

Workers; business people; leaders from all over the country; and others leaders, what must they do and what must they see to do well? Furthermore, only ten percent of people can say that they’re living and studying well. Whereas the other ninety percent are having difficulties. Among them, forty percent are in a state of giving up, and the remaining fifty percent are struggling. Then, in some cases, absolutely impossible situations come that are too difficult. What should you do? The answer is given in today’s passage.

1. There’s an important time schedule left for you. The important time schedule of saving yourself and your family (posterity) is left for you.

2. There’s an important age that God has prepared for leaders. God has prepared the content to save the age. For the individual, it’s a time schedule; for the leader, it’s an entire age. You must be able to see this.

3. Elijah didn’t realize this time schedule, so he was discouraged even after carrying out many miracles. That’s when he heard God’s voice in a small whisper, not within the wind, earthquake, or fire. - 7,000 are prepared. There will be a new king. Raise Elisha.

▷ Whenever faced with problems, it’s important to try and solve the situation, but more importantly, you must be able to accurately hear God’s voice.

▷ It was at this time when God revealed the personal time schedule for completely saving the individual. It won’t over until you come up with an answer that will save the posterity. Jacob, who thought Joseph was dead; Moses at the age of 80; the people who grumbled during the 40 years in the wilderness; and Elijah thought everything was all over. However, it wasn’t over. There is a time schedule that is important to you. For leaders, God is preparing the age. Be sure to remember that?

▣ Main_ What has God prepared?

1. Your destruction is God’s beginning.

1) Israel became enslaved, were taken as captives, and were colonized. That was God’s beginning.

2) Persecution arose from those without the Gospel. That, too, was God’s beginning.

3) Even death is just the beginning. It’s not the end. (Acts 7:56) Following the death of Stephen, the Antioch Church was established.

2. There is something that God has prepared just for His children that allows you to fulfill His works. – God sent His angel to strengthen Elijah.

1) The strength that enabled Elijah to walk forty days and nights is a strength that the world cannot comprehend.

2) Elijah heard God’s voice in a small whisper that people of the world cannot hear.

▷ You don't need wind or fiery power to give you an important answer. You need the accurate Word of God.

3) Elijah had the blessing of the throne, the blessing of transcending time and space, and he testified Jehovah God to the 237 nations.

3. The time schedule of saving the next generation, your posterity, and the future remains.

1) The time for the 100 hidden prophets will come.

2) 7,000 disciples remain. You must save them.

3) The Dothan movement that must arise is surely prepared.

Your end is God's beginning. What has God prepared? He has prepared the throne, the Word, and angels. There is one last time schedule that you must do. You must begin to gather the 7,000 disciples at Dothan.

▣ Conclusion_ Hold onto God’s covenant from Mt. Horeb.

1. 9 Settings - Begin the holy meditation movement.

2. 9 Settings – Relay them and begin the healing movement.

3. 9 Settings - Make masterpieces and revive culture.

▷For the month of December, play Christmas hymns and start a campaign to keep singing them. This no longer exists. How tremendous of a spiritual loss is that?

▷ “That person’s no good. My children are on the wrong path.” There absolutely is a time schedule. There absolutely is an age prepared for leaders. You must seek them out.
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