2021.12.11 Study of Evangelism - Save the Broken Down Children's School (Jn 21:15-18)

We must restore children’s schools that have been crumbled down. Even from the prenatal stage, spiritual matters are relayed until college. Jesus even said, “Do not weep for me; weep for your children.” After Jesus resurrected, He told Peter three times, “Feed my lambs.”

▣ Introduction_ 2022

1. 237, Healing, & Summit – Document

You must heal the 237 nations and make Remnants into the Summit. These are the themes of the Bible. You must prepare genuine resources and materials regarding these.

2. A Church System

We’ll continue to proceed with a church system regarding the “3 Stages” and “3 Ages.”

3. A Church School – Specialization

Establish specialization within the Remnant church schools. Parents are wandering regarding what to do and children don’t know anything. The church must take responsibility.

▣ Main_ Duty

1. Sunday School (Sunday)

1) Worship

2) Prayer

3) Camp

2. Saturday School (Saturday)

3 Types – Do “Future Camp,” “Prayer Camp,” and “Talent Camp” properly.

3. Daily School (Day)

Fact - Kindergartens, day care centers, and mission schools must specialized, more specific, and more realistic. These must help children.

▣ Conclusion_ Spiritual Wars

▷ This is absolutely spiritual war. Religious organizations have started with content and dug deep by utilizing specialization. All of you are enough and the Gospel is sufficient.

▷ As you pray, prepare for next year. Globalization must take place for world evangelization to happen. prepare. Create a system for the Gospel to be sent throughout the world. Next year, we’ll implement town conferences. Right now, the messages given within this month must be stored and frequently checked. The missions field must make the same system as the headquarters’ in order to establish the headquarters in the field.
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