2021.12.11 Core - What Must Be Brought to a Close (Ac 1:8)

In the end, Jesus spoke about "only." This includes limited concentration, selected concentration, and concentration on oneness that fulfills everything. Forty percent of pastors are facing hardships contemplating, "Shall I close the doors to my church? Fifty percent of pastors say they’re just facing hardships and are in these kinds of situations.

▣ Introduction_ Don’t be worried.

1. The Start – Do it properly.

1) The Correct Gospel

You must first hold onto the accurate Gospel. Satan, darkness, and disasters crumble down before the correct and accurate Gospel.

(1) The Trinity – The 5 Powers

Starting from this point, the presence of the Triune God arises. You’ll gain the “5 Powers.”

2) Prayer

(1) The 9 Settings - Content

(2) Concentration – People just don’t know the method to concentrate on prayer or the “9 Settings.”

3) Church → Talents

There are “3 Stages” to the works that take place in the church. Being used in these stages is considered “talents.”

2. One day, how do answers come?

1) Imprints

2) Roots

3) Nature

3. Change takes place. You’ll be able to see the future through that one aspect.

▣ Main

1. Acts 1:8

The Mt. of Olives Movement - He spoke about the future and for you to come out from what’s incorrect.

The Correct Gospel – He spoke about this.

The Trinity – Christ, God’s Kingdom, and “only Holy Spirit” emerge.

2. Acts 1:14

Mark’s Upper Room - He came down with the covenant of Mark’s upper room.

The Reality of Prayer – He held onto this at Mark’s Upper Room. He knew what prayer was.

9 Settings – Prayer is enjoying the blessing of the throne. Jesus explained this for forty days. This answer will transcend time and space and shine the 237 light.

3. Acts 2:41-42

The Restoration of Spiritual Identity

The Reality of the Church

The Field of the Throne That Enjoys the 3 Ages – This is the church.

▣ Conclusion_ 3, 9, 3 (The Triune God, 9 Settings, and the 3 Systems of the Church, Answers, and Talents,

1. Do 237.

2. Healing is possible.

3. The Summit – Make the scattered Remnants all over the world into the Summit.
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