1/2 2022 District Message Week 1 - Start of the Answered Prayer of 24hrs, 25hrs, Eternity

2022 District Message Week 1 (Part 1- 24hrs of the Witnesses of the Bible) 01/02

Start of the Answered Prayer of 24hrs, 25hrs, Eternity

1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.

Int. In the walk of faith, it is important to experience what it is that God wants the most.

→ At that time, the life of rejoicing always, praying unceasingly, and giving thanks in all circumstances takes place. How is this possible?
Rejoice always (1Th 5:16) → Because God gives answers to all problems.
When God created humankind, He created them in His image which contains the potential of His power. He breathed His breath of life in them giving them life and enabled them to enjoy the blessing of the Garden of Eden within His covenantal Word. (Ge 1:27, 2:7, 2:1~18, Heb 4:12)
That is why there is an answer God gives through His Word in our everything, every work, every problem, every meeting, and every field.
When God said to rejoice always, He is speaking about the joy of finding this answer which He gives. God’s children have the joyful answer of healing themselves through all things. In all their fields, God’s children have the joy of giving the answer as a witness of healing. There is the joy of relaying the invisible, true answer. It is the joy of restoring the spiritual blessings given by God. 4) You can enjoy the joy of finding the answer when you connect everything in your life to prayer 24hrs a day.
Pray unceasingly (1Th 5:17) → Because God answers 24hrs a day.
The blessing of the Throne, the answer of transcending time and space, and the powerful light to save the 237 nations is already prepared for God’s children.
So praying for and awaiting God’s kingdom to come upon your problems, your field, and your choices is the 25hr answer to prayer.
It is waiting while enjoying Christ, God’s kingdom, and only the filling of the Holy Spirit 24hrs a day.
Give thanks in all circumstances (1Th 5:18) → Because everything brings about God’s will.
The background of eternity to enjoy the unprecedented, never repeated things in their selves, their church, and their jobs are prepared for God’s children.
So when you are thankful for the things you face now, you can see God’s plan for you and the answer and mission God wants to give to you. When you see and give thanks for the many problems in this age, you will see the unprecedented, never-repeated answer to save the age. Finally, when you give thanks for the hidden problems, you can enjoy the eternal answers to prayer of Romans 16:25~27.
Conc. At this time, you can live the evangelist’s life with the true color of the faith (1Th 1:3) that God desires. (1Th 1:5)
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