2022.1.8 Remnant Study of Evangelism - The 24 Hours That Remnants Must See (Exodus 3:18-20)

▷ You must know what people of the world and church members don’t know. When you hold onto the accurate covenant, answer will come. God is the God of the covenant, and you a person of the covenant.

▷ When Moses saw 24 hours, answers began. When Moses couldn’t see 24 hours, he continued to possess the state of giving up. “Go before Pharaoh and tell him that the Israelites will go and give a blood sacrifice.” “I will stretch out my hand and strike him.” The Exodus took place on the day they spread the blood of the lamb.

▣ Introduction_ 「The Spiritual Summit」 (Setting) (Acceptance & Transcendence)

▷ Even if Remnants are young, they can still become the Spiritual Summit and overcome the world. Joseph was more outstanding than his brothers. Because Joseph had this answer and despite being a slave, even followed him including Pharaoh.

1. What is Heard, What is Seen, and What is Spoken – You need the power of acceptance and transcendence.

2. The Church (Voices: People, the World, and Incorrect) - Humbly accept and overcome.

3. Schools (The World) - Wrapped nicely. Quickly overcome them.

▣ Main_ What Must Be Done (3 Things That Moses Did)

1. The Palace for 40 Years (Reason for Studying) - Know the world and overcome it.

1) Academia 2) Culture 3) Eyes to See the World

2. The Midian Wilderness for 40 Years (Equipped with Spiritual Power)

1) Shepherded

2) A State of Abandonment (Prayer) - Began Prayer

3) Organized God’s Word – Heard from His Mother / Was Called

3. The Wilderness Path for 40 Years (Mission)

1) The Ark of the Covenant – Realized God’s Eternal Word

2) The Three Feasts – Tremendous

3) Tabernacle – Moved Centered on Tabernacle

▷ Remnants must live with those powers.

▣ Conclusion




▷ Remnants – Studies, Prayer, and Talents – Hold onto the Covenant and Pray

▷ Moses - Thought about Himself. / Midian - Looked toward God - The Power of the Cross and Blood.

▷ Remnants – Remember WITH, IMMANUEL, and ONENESS

▷ Firmly hold onto the covenant and answers will come. The “Testament” is God’s promise with you. Begin
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