Aug 28, 2021 Remnant Day - September School Evangelization Message

Aug 28, 2021 Remnant Day - September School Evangelization Message

Remnants, do you have difficulty praying? There’s no need to worry.

▣ Introduction_ There’s something that you must do first.

1. What is imprinted first is vital. When you listen to the sermon:

1) By accurately riding the stream of the Word, you’ll receive the answer of the three transcendences.

2) By riding the stream of prayer, you’ll receive the answers of God’s Kingdom and Its works.

3) By riding the stream of evangelism, you’ll receive the mystery of “all authority in Heaven and on earth.”

2. At this time, the problems of reality (school, home, and church) change into the roots of blessings.

3. At this time, an important life emerges. Because God provide answers, you can speak boldly. That’s called “nature.”

▣ Main_ An important discovery emerges.

1 You, too, can see what Elijah discovered.

1. You can see the reasons why disasters arise and why people mustn’t worship idols. (Satan’s Intrusion)

2. You must gain the power of prayer and begin the spiritual battle. (Mt. Carmel)

3. Are you facing hardships? They are hardships at all. God will give an important covenant. (Mt. Horeb)

Imprints take place during forum. There’s only one thing that you must do: look at the stream.

2 You’ll see in advance what Elisha discovered.

1. Because Elisha had seen in advance, he chose crises. You must gain spiritual strength and see what God really desires from you. (heavenly mandate, calling, and mission)

2. Elisha’s Choice (a double of spirit = desired the spirit of the first born | You just have to wait a little.)

3. He resolved the most urgent issues of the time. (the works of blocking Aram = Dothan movement)

3 What did Obadiah, who played a pivotal role between King Ahab and Elijah, enjoy in advance?

1. He enjoyed being both King Ahab’s royal official and Elijah’s disciple. - He also hid 100 prophets.

2. By doing the most important errand of that time, Obadiah played a crucial role in defeating the 850 false prophets.

3. He was also connected with the 7,000 disciples. (the Word that was spoken on Mt. Horeb) → It changed into the Dothan movement.

※ Have forum regarding the streams of the age; yourself; and the church.

4 King Ahab Who Was Destroyed – In order to preach the Gospel to these people, you must know the stream that they possess

1. Those who have already fallen into Satan’s strategy. (Marriage with Isabel as a form of establishing international relations and the introduction of idols as a form of cultural exchange.)

Remnants must possess the eyes to see what is good right away.

2. Enjoying What's Incorrect in Advance (King Ahab thought that raising the 850 false prophets was a method of fostering gifted people.)

3. Failure (The nation came to complete ruin.)

※ You must pray for the leaders. You will also get seized by ideological wars, so you have to pray.

▣ Conclusion_ Pray with What You’ve Discovered

1. Take the three types of pulpit messages and think about them a little every day. - Scheduled Prayer (5~10 minutes a day)

2. When you meet the field, don’t be discouraged or make quick judgments. – The “Prayer of 24 Hours” (Continuous Prayer)

3. When problems come, find the answers. - As you enjoy, do concentrated prayer.
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