Aug 29, 2021 1st Service - The Prayer That the Believer Must Find (1 Samuel 1:1~11)

Aug 29, 2021 1st Service - The Prayer That the Believer Must Find (1 Samuel 1:1~11)

Too many people say life is difficult and complain about the church. That will cause hardships for the posterity. Furthermore, U.S. and Europe evangelization won’t be possible.

▣ Introduction_ How Can You Receive Answers? It’s Written in the Bible

1. The Very First Incident That Happened in the Bible – An Archangel Fell and Became Darkness, Satan

1) Genesis 3 (Me), 6 (Nephilim), and 11 (Money and Success)

2) Acts 13, 16, 19 (Shrines)

3) The 6 Diseases

2. The Bible – Saves You from Darkness, Satan, and Destruction

1) Israel Lost Hold of the Gospel during the Times of the 14 Judges

2) The Result – Continuous Attacks from Philistia

3) The Miracles in Egypt, the Red Sea, Manna and Quail – Thought Those Were Everything – Defeated by Satan

3. Hannah Begins the Correct Prayer

1) The Prayer of One Person – The Birth of Samuel, the High Priest Who Would Move the Age

2) Samuel, the Main Figure of the Mizpah Movement

3) Samuel, Who Saved the Nation

The tearful prayer of those who possess the covenant will never disappear. If you pray correctly, works begin.

▣ Main_ Hannah, Who Prayed for a Nazirite

1. Hannah, Who Finally Discovered That Her Prayers Were Only Physical

1) Seeing Only the Miracle of the Exodus and Being Unaware of God’s Plan during the Times of the 14 Judges

2) Judges 21:25 - “Everyone did what was right in his own eyes.”

3) Because of Physical Faith – Enslaved to Philistia

2. Hannah, Who Discovered Spiritual Prayer

1) The Discovery of Salvation and God’s Works through the Power of the 3 Feasts and 3 Transcendences (The Throne, Time and Space, and the 237)

2) The Prayer of Raising a Spiritual Leader (Nazirite) Who Thoroughly Prays

3) An Earnest Prayer and Priest Eli’s Blessing

3. Hannah, Who Discovered the Prayer of No Answers – True Believers Must Discover the Prayer of No Answers

1) Slavery – The Time to Overcome the Culture of Egypt

2) 40 Years in the Wilderness - The Time to Change the Imprints, Roots, and Nature

3) The Answer of Being Childless – The Time to Prepare a Leader Who Would Save the World

▣ Conclusion_ What Does God Desire from You in This Age? Pray Daily
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