Aug 29, 2021 Remnant - God Who Watches over the Remnant (Exodus 14:19)

Aug 29, 2021 Remnant - God Who Watches over the Remnant (Exodus 14:19)

There are points that Remnants must know. There are about 300,000 shamans in Korea. Most people see them as jokes and don't take them very seriously. A Russian shaman named Petrova immigrated to the U.S.; started the New Age movement; and conquered the United States. Furthermore, the three organizations have completely dominated the 2nd and 3rd Industrial Revolutions; culture; and the arts. You live in an age when living without the Internet and cell phones created by those who were trained under her has become almost impossible. Remnants must know why these works arose.

The Throne, Time and Space,

and the 237 Light

God’s Kingdom

(Exodus 14:19)

Genesis 1:27


The Nephilim


Because many intellectuals and members of the church don’t actually believe, they don’t pray to enjoy the throne, time and space, and the 237 light. God has placed His image in you and has given you infinite power. However, you don’t enjoy them. That’s why the three organizations teach that you have tremendous potential. They’ve also created the Nephilim and have taken control of the 237 nations. When Remnants take God’s image and communicate with the blessing of the throne, God’s Kingdom will be established. At that time, the angel of the Lord will lead in front and guide from behind.

▣ Introduction_ Hidden Power Found Only in the Bible

1. The Power to Overcome the Nephilim - Trinity – God Still Fulfills His Word

2. The Power to Overcome Potential – Genesis 1:27, You must restore “God’s Image.”

3. The Power to Overcome the World of Unconsciousness - Hebrews 4:12, God’s Word Connects to the Spiritual World Where the Soul and Spirit Communicate

▣ Main_Your Mission

1. Enjoy Your Status and Authority That Will Fulfill God’s Kingdom

1) Wherever you go, God will send His angels to protect and help you.

2) Wherever you go, Satan and the forces of darkness are bound.

2. Restore the Culture of God’s Kingdom

1) During the Exodus – God revealed His power through the 10 miracles.

2) The Miracle of the Red Sea

3) In the Wilderness, a Pillar of Cloud Changed the Culture of Darkness.

3. Restore the Power That Comes from God’s Kingdom (Restoring the Future)

1) Forty Years in the Palace – Editing through God’s Word

2) Midian – Planning out God’s Plan

3) Forty Tears in the Wilderness – Designing the Things of God and His Kingdom

▣ Conclusion






1. Forty Years in the Palace – Lived for the Sake of Relationships with Others

2. Forty Years in Midian – From the Lowest Place, Moses Set Apart Time to Look toward God

3. The Time Schedule of His Mission – The Time Schedule That Combines Moses and God and Person and Person

In the future, amazing answers will come forth. Don’t be surprised; instead, prepare your vessel. Don’t be deceived by lies; instead, grab hold of God’s Word!
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