Aug 29, 2021 2nd Service - What the Posterity Must Equip First (1 Samuel 3:19)

Aug 29, 2021 2nd Service - What the Posterity Must Equip First (1 Samuel 3:19)
that must be taught to posterity. The first is that God gives transcendent answers through everything. The second is asking and discovering, “What does God want from me?”

▣ Introduction_ Plant the DNA of Transcendent Answers

1. The Three Organizations Have Taken Everything Away

2. The Posterity Is Suffering (School and Parents) - The Church Must Give the Posterity Answers

3. The 7 Remnants – Remnants Are Like a Clean Sheet of Paper and the 7 Remnants Are Clean Sheets of Paper That Retain Well

▣ Main

1. The Restoration of Spirituality

1) Exodus 3:1~20 – After Spirituality Restoration, the Exodus Took Place That Restored the Gospel after 400 Years

2) Exodus 14:19 – The Angel of the Lord Worked in Front and Behind the Israelites

3) 1 Samuel 3:1~18 – Within the Church, When One Summit Was Raised, God Opened the Doors of Heaven and Gave Answers

2. The Restoration of Spiritual Power

1) Protected the Church

When Philistia stole the Ark of the Covenant and Priest Eli died, Samuel protected the church. Remnants are the main figures of the church.

2) Protected the Nation

Through Samuel who prayed for the Ark of the Covenant that was stolen by Philistia, disasters struck Philistia, and Samuel protected the nation.

3) Protected All People and Neighboring Nations

Through the Mizpah movement, Samuel protected all the people and neighboring nations.

3. The Restoration of the Spiritual World of the Future

1) 1 Samuel 16:1~13 – This answer was relayed to David who would save the age.

2) 1 Samuel 16:23 – Whenever David praised, evil spirits fled. Wherever David praised, evil spirits fled.

3) 1 Samuel 17:1~47 – David quickly defeated Goliath. It was an easy fight for David.

▣ Conclusion

1. David’s Lifelong Prayer – The Ark of the Covenant and the Temple

1) Give Tithes from Your Allowance

2) Give Offering Equivalent to Your Spendings

3) Special Offering – Church Construction

2. Begin True Studies – The “Me” Whom God Made, My God-Given Things, and My God-Given Field

3. Elderly Leaders – These Were the People Who Played Important Roles When Remnants Were Nurtured
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