Sep 04, 2021 BIM - The Church Officer’s Absolute Mission (Acts 4:32-37)

Sep 04, 2021 BIM - The Church Officer’s Absolute Mission (Acts 4:32-37)


▷ Church Officer’s Mission ( Prayer )

Field Missionaries

1. Church officers are the field missionaries at work.

Those Who Save the Church

2. Church officers have been called by God to save the church.

The People of Romans 16

3. Church officers are the workers of Romans 16 who have the greatest mission of saving dependent churches.

▣ Introduction_ What must be done at Church Officer Graduate School? What must be taken?

1. Concentration – What is needed the most at this time?

2. What is worth going all in? – It will result in all out and all change.

3. During worship time, you must save the three infinite aspects and enjoy the three transcendences.

What is the “unprecedented and never repeated answer” that must be enjoyed at church? (a person of the “unprecedented and never repeated answer”)

▣ Main

1.The Ministry of Change – To prevent you and all others from running Satan’s errands, may the works of change take place through the Word.

1) People have fallen into Genesis 3, 6, and 11.

2) People follow what they see in regards to Acts 13, 16, and 19.

3) People have fallen into the 6 states of the unbeliever. This is what you must change.

(1) Imprints can only be changed through God’s Word.

(2) After you change, you must become rooted in prayer.

(3) You must receive the answer of changing your nature to become a witness.

2. The Absolute Mission – You must possess the absolute mission to save the church, future, and posterity.

1) The Path to Save the Church (You must have the three points from the introduction to save everything.)

(1) Acts 2:9-11 The Doors to Fifteen Nations Opened

(2) Acts 2:41-42 Three Thousand Disciples Arose

(3) Acts 4:32-37 Everyone received grace to the point of surrendering their possessions. That became the foundation for world evangelization.

2) The Path to Save the Future (Acts 11:28-30 The church in Jerusalem was saved.)

3) The Path to Save the Posterity (Acts 17:1, 18:4, and 19:8 – The path to save synagogues opened.)

3. The Absolute Method – Discover the Absolute Plan

1) The absolute covenant will emerge.

2) The absolute journey will be seen.

3) The absolute goal will be seen.

▣ Conclusion_ Prepare Your Vessel

Become “knowingly close” to the Word. That is preparing your vessel. When you grab hold of the Word and have forum, your vessel will be formed. Afterward, God will fill it.

What does God need?

What do people need?

A Large Vessel

It’s okay to modify your covenant. Just grab hold of the covenant that God deems correct. Then, where is the basis for that? That’s why you must pray. In doing so, answers will emerge.
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