Sep 04, 2021 Study of Evangelism - The Evangelist’s Resolve (Acts 7:54-60)

Sep 04, 2021 Study of Evangelism - The Evangelist’s Resolve (Acts 7:54-60)

For evangelism, it doesn’t matter whether answers come or not.

▣ Introduction_ Although evangelism is doing just one aspect, it can come as an eternal answers.

Hannah realized that she was only praying physical prayers and discovered the spiritual prayer regarding the Nazirite. More importantly, she uncovered the time schedule of “no answers.” It's easy to misunderstand “no answers.” The answers that you’ve received might have nothing to do with now, but they can be precise, greater, and even connect to eternity. This is where evangelists must resolve.

1. Rahab’s Small Work – Connected to Eternity

2. Hannah and Jesse’s Prayers Blocked Philistia

They held onto the stream that God carried out.

The most important work is seeing and holding onto the streams related to God’s Word, prayer, and evangelism.

Take notes regarding your pastor’s sermon. If you don’t, you’ll be unaware of the flow.

3. Obadiah – He hid 100 prophets.

4. Esther – She had the sure stream of “If I perish, I perish.”

5. Mark’s Upper Room – They rode the historical stream of the age.

▣ Main_ What kind of answers will emerge? To what extent is the worth?

1. Those Who Staked Their Lives – Discover what is worth staking your life.

1) Acts 6:1-7 Those who already possessed life.

2) Acts 7:1-60 Stephen who saw what was worth staking his life.

3) Acts 11:19 Those who saw the ministry that was worth staking their lives.

2. Those Who Saw What Was Absolute

1) The method to block the seven disasters is the Remnant. Only the Gospel can block disasters.

2) The Gospel is the only method to save the church of Pharisees. Works will arise through those few who have seen “only Gospel.”

3) Those who have seen Acts 1:1, 3, and 8.

When you enter the evangelism field, you’ll see what is worth staking your life; what is absolute; and what will follow.

3. Those Who Saw What Followed – What came before can be easily interpreted.

1) The disciples saw that Remnants would arise, so they weren’t afraid of the Pharisees.

The 7 Remnants were revived through the church officers who gave worship.

2) Acts 11:19-30 Because the disciples saw the church of Antioch do world evangelization, they weren’t afraid of the riots in Jerusalem.

3) The disciples weren’t afraid of persecution because they had seen Acts 13:1-4.

▣ Conclusion_ What are behind answers?

1. Look at exact enjoyment.

2. The stream can be seen.

3. Fulfillment follows the stream.

During this time where you’re sitting and at the moment when you grab hold of the covenant, God’s blessing through the throne; time and space; and the 237 light will work in your businesses; children; and all your fields.
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