Sep 05, 2021 1st Service - The Reason for the Mizpah Movement (1 Samuel 7:1-14)


After the Exodus and passing through 14 judges, the Israelites continued to suffer at the hands of the Philistines. However, one man was able to stop wars from taking place. After Samuel began the Mizpah movement and throughout the remainder of his life, the Philistines did not attack. Can you alone do this kind of movement? Can you save your family and occupation? You undoubtedly can if you do exactly as Samuel did.

▣ Introduction_ First, Consider Two Points before Asking How Samuel Prayed

1. Whenever Problems Arise, You Make Excuses

Even the Israelites made excuses regarding their problems with the Philistines; however, Samuel realized his problems first. As a result, Samuel instructed all the Israelites to gather at Mizpah.

2. It’s a mistake trying to receive answers. Answers will follow.

▣ Main_ You Must Do Three Works

1. Know Prayer, Then Remain in It (1 Samuel 7:10)

- When Samuel Prayed, God Thundered a Mighty Sound and Blocked the Philistines

1) Prayer is being inside the three transcendences.

(the throne, time and space, and the 237 light)

2) Prayer is being inside the three infinites. (God’s image, your soul, and the life force – receiving the Word in order to live) Prayer is having these three settings.

3) Prayer is discovering the blessing of “unprecedented and never again” and remaining inside of it. – yourself, your walk of faith at church, and your occupation

▷ The answers that Samuel, who knew prayer from an early age, had received.

(1) “None of His Words Fell to the Ground”

(2) Wars Ceased While Samuel Was Alive

(3) Those Who Saw Samuel Believed in the Lord God

2. Know the Journey, Restore It, and Remain within It

– The C.V.D.I.P. That Emerged from Mizpah

1) vv.1 – The Ark of the Covenant → Neglected for 20 Years – Lost hold of their Covenant. Samuel held onto this and called all the Israelites. This is called the absolute mission. If you remain within it, you’ll gain victory.

2) vv.2 – Get rid of foreign gods, Ashtaroth, and Baal.

- Lost hold of their Vision. Get rid of those and return to the Lord God. This is called the absolute plan.

3) vv.3 – They gathered, fasted, and prayed. They grabbed

hold of their absolute covenant. Their Dream was inside the absolute covenant.

4) vv.9 – Inside the absolute covenant is the absolute journey. This is called Image. They had to offer a lamb as a burnt offering. The only method to revive God’s image that you’ve received and the infinite power within you is through the burnt offering.

5) vv.12 – Ebenezer is the blessing of God being with you. This is God’s masterpiece, or Practice. This is called the absolute goal.

▷ Prayers are first imprinted in the brain, → then the soul, → and finally, connects to the blessing of the throne. Prayer is confirming the journey when problems come. Your prayer might seem like it’s not being answered; but it will be. Unconditionally, go inside of prayer. When you remain inside these five journeys, the blessing of Ebenezer; the answer of wars and disasters ending; and the answer of peace being established will come. (1 Samuel 7:14)

3. Before Gaining Victory, Be inside the Time Schedule of True Victory

1) Completely Abandon Idolatry

– Because of the Works of Satan, Darkness, and Evil Spirits

2) Return to the Lord God and Give a Burnt Offering

That Overcomes Darkness

3) Enter the Place of Those Who Have Already Overcome Satan, Darkness, and Disasters

The 7 Remnants and the figures of Hebrews 11 entered the place of victory sans revenge or causing harm. Don’t be inside of life’s problems; instead, remain inside answers. In addition, don’t stay within crises, enter opportunities.

▣ Conclusion_ Discover Your Own Mizpah Movement

1. If possible, Remnants must acquire skills and qualifications.

2. Remnants, succeed even in the little tasks that you do.

3. Overcome Satan, darkness, and disasters.
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