Sep 12, 2021 1st Service - The Absolute Reason for Spiritual Authority (1 Samuel 16:23)


Seminarians must receive answers like Samuel, and believers must receive answers like David. Always remember two passages regarding David from the Bible. They are 1 Samuel 16:13 and 1 Samuel 16:23. Seminarians must always and throughout their lifetimes remember these two verses. Why did he have to be filled with the Spirit of the Lord? Why was he given the authority to cast out evil spirits? Herein lies the spiritual authority and reason. David had to go the pilgrim’s way.

▣ Introduction

1. 1 Samuel 16:13 The Pilgrim's Prayer of Looking to the Lord

▷ The Only Prayer of the Pilgrims = While breathing, “Fill me with the Spirit of Christ. Bless that person by the power of the spirit of Christ.” Samuel and David and the Early Church that would save the world prayed this prayer for 24 hours every day. (Psalm 23:1, Psalm 18:1, and Acts 1:8)

1) The Answer of the 3 Transcendences (The Throne, Time and Space, and the 237 Light)

2) The Answers of Reviving the Spirit, Soul, and Life Force within Me (3 Settings)

3) The Answer of Triumphing over Goliath with the Skill of Not Losing a Single Sheep. Received the Answer of Saving the World with His Talent

2. 1 Samuel 16:23 The Works of the Evil Spirits Departing - The Reason for Giving Spiritual Authority: Many People Are Seized by Evil Spirits

1) Jesus' First and Final Message (Mark 3:13-14 and Mark 16:15-20) - The Authority to Drive Out Demons

2) Through Prayer, Paul Heals the Demon-Possessed Person (Acts 16:16-18) Prayed the pilgrim’s prayer of looking only to the Lord and God worked through the infinite background. God gave the 3 transcendences. If you don’t experience this, you won’t know what you must utilize to save the world. By enjoying the blessing of looking to the Lord, all blessings will come.

3) The Infinite Background That Saves the World and Binds the Forces of Darkness Will Arise - Genesis 3:15 From the moment you hold onto this covenant, infinite answers will come. Exodus 3:18 From the moment you enjoy the covenant of the blood of Christ, all darkness flees.

▣ Main_ The Prayer That Seminarians Must Restore

Rev. Ryu doesn’t have prayer topics. “Grant me the filling of the Holy Spirit 24 hours a day.” He did this prayer for thirty years and the doors of world evangelization opened. You must grab hold onto this covenant and nothing else.

1. True Prayer - The Prayer That Looks Solely to the Lord

Experience this for six days. “Grant me the filling of the Holy Spirit.” The pilgrims who prayed this saved the world. There is no other prayer.

2. The Prayer of 24 Hours – Raised Miracles

Inside of all hardships; inside of personal problems; and inside of all difficult circumstances do “prayer 24.”

3. Only the Ark of the Covenant and the Prayer of the Temple to Give Worship

This was David’s prayer topic. No one has received more answers than David.

▷ You must really start praying. Asking for things and requesting to be sent somewhere are incorrect prayers. Don’t have “your” own prayer. God is with you. He has prepared everything. For one week discard your prayer topics and begin the prayer of solely looking toward the Lord. (Matthew 6:33) When you pray the pilgrim’s prayer, you’ll receive the answers of the 3 transcendences; the infinite background will emerge; and all power and answers will be restored. When you do “24” by realizing prayer, “24” through “only Holy Spirit,” and “24” in all fields and connect them together, you’ll begin to receive the answer of the throne. You can save others when you first experience the power of the throne, the power of transcending time and space, and shining the 237 light. Furthermore, you must experience the infinite background that binds darkness in order to save the world.

▣ Conclusion_ The Three Prayers That David Prayed

1. Set Aside Time and Deep Prayer (Psalm 5:3 and 17:3)

- Scheduled Prayer

2. A Special Prayer That Looks Solely to God during Special Occasions

3. More Important Is the “Prayer of 24 Hours”
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