Sep 12, 2021 Remnant - Do Not Be Frightened (Joshua 1:1-9)


God is telling Remnants, “Do not be frightened.” Why is that?

▣ Introduction_Accurately Look at Your Situation

1. Fearful Works – Crises and works that cause despair and worries exist.

2. WITH – Fearful works & hardships exist, but God promised that he would be “WITH” you.

3. Because You Know Prayer - Prayer isn’t praying according to your standards, but by God's standards.

1) Those who moved the didn’t have prayer topics. - Praying is the Triune God being with you.

2) The “Prayer of 24 Hours” - Don’t just pray during worship or when difficulties come: instead enjoy the “prayer of 24 Hours”

3) The following is what those who pray know:

3 Transcendences – The Answers of the Blessing of the Throne; Time and Space; and the 237 Light

3 Settings – You possess a God-given spirit and soul and life in you.

3 Unprecedented and Never Again - All people have the unprecedented and never again answer. Find it to succeed.

▣ Main_ The Reason Why God Is with You

1. You are the Remnant who will save the next generation.

1) Egypt - Joshua had the culture and skills to transcend Egypt.

2) The Wilderness – Overcame the Wilderness

3) Overcame the 7 Tribes and 31 Kings of Canaan

2. You are the Remnant who will overcome darkness.

1) Divided the Uncrossable Jordan River

2) Completely Broke Down the Impenetrable Jericho

3) Defeated the Army of Amorites – Defeated Darkness

4) Remnants Who Destroyed the Fortress of Anak

3. They Possessed God’s Covenant

1) “Just as He was with Moses.” (vv.5)

2) “The Word that was promised to your forefathers.” (vv.6)

3) Remnants Who Will Save the World (vv.8)

▣ Conclusion_ Make the Covenant of God’s Word as Your Own

1. Gen. 1:27 – You possess an image inside that can exert this infinite background.

Gen. 2:7 - God has breathed into you the breath of life and has planted in you a soul.

2. Crises - Seek out the places that appear to look like crises.

3. The Covenant – Hold onto the accurate covenant when problems or difficulties come.

Joshua and Caleb who held onto the accurate covenant and came out of Egypt were the only ones to enter Canaan.

By holding onto this covenant and entering prayer, you can see “the next step.” Keep praying until you see it.

▷The Remnants’ Mission This Week

1. Keep your Prayer Journal or notebook and write down “one word” that struck your heart.

2. Later, when you connect the words that you’ve written, a historic message will emerge.

3. Grab hold of that and enjoy the “prayer of 24 hours.”

Remnants, don’t be frightened; be strong: and be courageous! Just as God was with Moses, He will be with you. I bless you in the name of Jesus to stand as the main figures who save the age that all adults have lost hold of!
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