Sep 12, 2021 2nd Service - The Function of Multiethnic Missions (1 Samuel 17:33-37)

Summary Even if you did nothing wrong, if you don't know evangelism and missions, you’re bound to enter disasters. Being unaware of evangelism and missions is in fact, the equivalent of not knowing the Gospel. In today's passage, wars continue to arise due to the Philistines. A figure who arose at that time was David. He knew the absolute reason for evangelism and missions. The reason why God gives difficulties is to give this answer.

▣ Introduction_ David Who Knew the Absolute Reason for Evangelism and Missions (An Explanation of the Background of the Main Points)


- Height: Six Cubits and a Span

- A r m o r : 5 , 0 0 0 Shekels

- Bronze Armor on His Legs

& Bronze Javelin

- Spear Head: 600 Shekels

- “Choose a man for yourselves, and let him come down to me.” (8)


- S e i z e d b y Complete Fear

- God and Israel were mocked for 40 Days (11)

- King Saul and His Army Couldn’t Move


- Ran an Errand and Heard What Goliath Said (23)

- David’s Brothers Were Angered b y D a v i d ’ s Arrogance (28)

- Confessed before the King: “The L o rd G o d h a s r e s c u e d m e from the lion and bear.”

By realizing God’s absolute reason, even your small things can become your skills and talents for multiethnic missions. David’s skills honed while shepherding completely destroyed Goliath.

▣Main_ The Absolute Reason Realized by David (29 - “Why wouldn't I have a reason?”)

1. The first reason was to reveal evidences to the Israelites who had completely lost their strength.

1) King Saul Remained Still

2) The Generals Remained Still

3) David’s Brothers Remained Still

2. The Absolute Reason for Revealing Evidences to the Philistines

1) Revealed Evidences to Goliath - “I come before you in the name of the Lord whom you have defied.”

David said, “I will prove to you that life isn't determined by a

sword, but by the hand of God.”

2) Revealed Evidences to the Philistine Army

3) News Was Relayed to the Philistine King and the People – Even through Events, God Does Evangelism

3. The Absolute Reason for Testifying Jehovah

1) The Philistines Were the Channel to the World

2) The Powerful Nations near Philistia - Assyria, Babylon, and Egypt

3) There Were Many Slaves in the Powerful Nations – The Slaves from the 237 Nations and 5,000 People Groups

When problems occur, a majority of people tend to look what's before them and can’t see the sides. They only see what’s in front and can’t see anything else. David saw God’s absolute reason and testified Jehovah throughout the world.

▣ Conclusion_ Like David, Enjoy Strength and Prayer on a Daily Basis

▷ David prayed on daily basis.

- Psalm 78:70-72: He had the power of prayer since he was young.

- 1 Samuel 16:13: “The Spirit of the Lord rushed upon David” ever since he was young.

- 1 Samuel 16:23: When he praised before King Saul, the harmful spirit departed.

1. A Conversation with His Brothers - “Why wouldn’t I have a reason?”

No matter the hardship, if it’s God's will, there’s no reason to waver.

2. A Conversation with a Captain and a King - “The Lord God rescued me from the lion and bear.”

“He will save me from the hand of the one who mocks the Lord.” (David’s Faith)

3. A Conversation before Goliath - “You come to me with a sword and with a spear and with a javelin, but I come to you in the name of the Lord.”

David said, “I will prove that the Lord saves not with sword and spear.”

4. After Defeating Goliath - He cut off the head of Goliath who had ridiculed God for 40 days.

5. A Conversation before the King - “I am the son of your servant Jesse the Bethlehemite.”

From that point on, the doors toward the world began to open.

▷ If you discover the absolute reason for missions, you’ll receive the answer of being used despite your little skills.

1) The Blessing of the Throne – The Answer of Specialization

2) The Answer of Transcending Time and Space – Will Be Revealed Amidst Your Work

3) The Answer of the 237 Light – Your Finances Will Begin to Arise
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