2021.09.19 1st Service - Incorrect Worship and True Worship (1 Samuel 18:1-9)

David faced the crises of death this five times in his life. How was David able to overcome and receive many answers? He knew what prayer and worship were

▣ Introduction_ The Prayer of the One Who Remains

1. David Who Prayed While Seeing God's Plan

Those who remain looked toward God’s plan. This is the start of prayer of those who remain.

▷Incorrect Worship (1 Samuel 18:7) - David, Ten Thousands and Saul, Thousands - Like King Saul who got angry after hearing this, while working in the church, those who get angry and become upset because of church work is incorrect worship.

▷True Worship (Romans 12:1) - “Your bodies,” refer to life. “Present your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable to God, which is your spiritual worship.” This is true worship.

2. David Who Gave Prayer Toward God

Whether as a shepherd or when he met Samuel, David was filled with God’s Spirit. This is the prayer of those who remain.

3. David Who Gave Glory and Thanksgiving to God

King Saul who was ignorant of worship and prayer received evil spirits, but David who was the one who remains began the pilgrims’ prayer.

▣ Main_ The Pilgrims’ Prayer

The pilgrims’ prayer is “24.” Everything that think; see (eyes); hear (ears); say (mouth); and breathe (nose) must be connected to prayer. Danger has come, but there’s no danger. Problems have come, but they aren’t problems. Crises have come, but they aren’t crises.

1. The Pilgrims’ Prayer of David – David Solely Looked at God’s Power

At this time, the 3 Settings emerge. – The Works of God’s Image That’s inside of You (Genesis 1:27), Your Soul (Genesis 2:7), and God’s Life Force (Hebrews 4:12) Are Revived

1) Psalm 5:3 (in the morning)

2) Psalm 17:3 (at night)

3) Psalm 18:1 (in the afternoon)

4) Psalm 23:1 (all the time)

2. The Pilgrims’ Journey of David – All Incidents, Problems, and Fields Are Worship and Prayer.

At this time, the answer of the 3 Transcendences – The Power of the Throne (Psalm 103:20-22), the Works of Transcending Time & Space, and the Preparation of the Light to Save the 237

1) David Who Escaped Saul's Spears – That, too, was prayer.

2) David Who Faced the Crisis of Death from an Assassin - That, too, was prayer and worship.

3) David Who Hid in a Cave in En Gedi - That, too, was prayer and worship.

4) David Who Ran Away to Mt. Hachilah - That, too, was prayer and worship.

5) David Who Ran Away to Philistia and Acted Crazy – Everything that David did was prayer and worship.

3. The Pilgrims’ Goal of David – Regarding his future, David worshiped and praised toward God.

At this time, the 3 Unprecedented and Never Again Answers Emerge – Yourself, the Church, and Your Occupation

1) Everything Was a Blessing for David Personally

2) The Answer of Completely Overcoming the Philistines Who Were Never Defeated

3) First-Time Temple Preparations and Receiving Unprecedented and Never Again Answers

▣ Conclusion_ The Prayer of Giving Glory to God That Makes Darkness Kneel

1. Satan Kneeled before David Who Prayed, Worshiped, and Praised as He Ran Away (the Book of Psalms)

2. Two Reasons Why David Didn't Kill King Saul to the Very End and Instead, Avoided Him

1) In order to Make Satan Kneel

2) In order to Give Glory to God

3. Those Who Opposed God, Satan, and David Knew That David Would Never Waver
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