2021.09.19 Remnant - Remnants and the Jordan Movement (Joshua 3:1-13)


Why was it called the Jordan movement? Today. there’s no longer any reason to cross the Jordan River.

▣ Introduction_ Level, Standard, and Base Are Important (A Monument Must Be Raised for the Posterity)

▷ Remnant must respect adults, bot don’t remain there; instead, but accept and quickly transcend them. Adults mustn't use their level to see Remnants. Multiethnic people must think to raise the level, standard, and base of their countries to do world evangelization.

1. Remnants must gain strength that overcomes Egypt, for the sake of the posterity, and everyone else.

2. Remnants have the strength that transcends the wilderness.

3. The Jordan River contains the important meaning of cultivating the power of conquest.

▣ Main_ How can you do this?

1. Joshua 3:1-6 Remnants Must Follow the 「Covenant」

▷ Realize “only” and follow it. When you garb hold of “only,” the prayer of the one who remains emerges. → You’ll see God’s plan and follow it; you’ll align your direction with God and follow it; and you’ll follow it in thanksgiving.

1) Genesis 3:15 – The Offspring of the Woman, Genesis 6:14 – The Ark, and Exodus 3:18 – The Blood of the Lamb

2) Isaiah 7:14 – The Blessing of Immanuel

3) Matthew 16:16 & Acts 1:1, 3, & 8

By following these, it won’t matter what you study or do because you’ll see “only.”

2. Joshua 3:7 Follow the 「Stream of Prayer」

▷ The answer of “uniqueness” will come. The pilgrims’ prayer will start. → 3 Transcendences, Infinity, and 3 Unprecedented and Never Again Answers will come.

1) One Prayer: Do “Prayer 24”: WITH, Immanuel, and Oneness

2) One Happiness

3) One Power

Connect what you see; think; hear; say; and breathe through prayer.

Inhale: The “Filling of the Holy Spirit” - Exhale: Pray for God to Work (The Pilgrims’ Prayer)

3. Joshua 3:17 Make Sure That the Word Rides the 「Stream of the Field」

▷ Re-Creation: God’s Word Is Fulfilled in the Field – The Conquerer’s Prayer → The Answer of Binding Darkness Will Come

1) The Ark of the Covenant

2) The Feet of the Priests

3) Stay until All People Have Finished Crossing

▣ Conclusion

▷ Exodus 17:14 – Keep everything in this book as a memorial; record it; and memorize it.

Exodus 33:11 - “Joshua the son of Nun, a young man, would not depart from the tent.”

Numbers 17:30 – Only Joshua and Caleb entered Canaan.

1. Prepare a Masterpiece of the Age

2. Prepare a Masterpiece of the 7 Grand Journeys

3. Create OURS

▷ Remnants don’t have to ask what they must do like unbelievers. Say the prayer of the one who remains; the pilgrims’ prayer; and the conqueror’s prayer. In doing so, answers will surely come.
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