2021.09.25 BIM - People Who Make Trends (2 Corinthians 5:17 )


Fashion is a form of art; however, it sets trends. That’s why time constraints exist and may prove to be difficult. In the end, you’re people who fulfill the works of “re-creation.” (2 Corinthians 5:17) Depending on you edit; plan; and design, you can accomplish globalization. Because you can take 237, healing, and Summit and accomplish globalization, you must prepare copyrights and resources and materials. With this preparation alone, all of you fashion professionals can move the trends and gain the tools to do world evangelization.

▣ Introduction_ The field of fashion in the Nephilim field. (Despite moving the world, it enters disasters.)

1. Because you have to express “self,” without the Gospel, you’ll have no choice but to enter the Nephilim field.

2. Because you have to overcome “self,” nothing will take place unless you inspiration. This is what the three organizations use.

3. Because fashion is a trend, there are time limits. You’ll find yourself immersed in great distress.

4. Without being fully aware, you can be dragged into the Nephilim.

5. Without being fully aware, you find yourself going toward the Tower of Babel.

▷ With the slightest misstep, you can find yourself inside this state. Always keep that in mind.

▣ Main_ Before being fashion experts, you are children of God.

1. Be Spiritually Superior - That’s why you need spiritual power first. Realistically cultivate spiritual power and remain in it.

The 9 Greatest Spiritual Conditions

1. Transcendence – The Power of the Throne, Transcending Time and Space, and the 237 Light

2. Setting – God’s Image (Gen. 1:27), the Breath of Life (Gen. 2:7), & Life Force Heb. 4:12)

3. Unprecedented and Never Again

– You, Your Church, & Your Occupation

1) All people have a spiritual condition.

2) That changes into a cultural condition.

3) In turn, it changes into a cultural condition.

2. Your Life Must Be Superior. You are those who remained, pilgrims, and conquerors who have overcome darkness. You must remain inside this time schedule. You must believe in these nine spiritual conditions. Why? You must restore the actual situation that has been taken away.

1) The 3 organizations have entered the Nephilim and attack what is unseen, hold onto material wealth, and shake it. They never reveal themselves. They already possess skills.

2) They have plowed into Europe.

3) They have plowed into the United States.

▷ Those who remained, pilgrims, and conquerors must unconditionally do “prayer 24.”

▷ You will gain God’s Kingdom through “25.” Eternity will naturally follow.

3. When That Takes place, Your Skills Will Become Superior. This is doing what’s the easiest and the most accurate. This is your mission that you must discover.

1) Only – The is “only” pertaining to your lifetime and field. “What is it that I must do?” That is “only.”

2) The answer of “uniqueness” will come.

3) It is “re-creation.”

▣ Conclusion_ Because you know and enjoy “only,” “uniqueness,” and “re-creation,” you must create a system.

OURS (Only, Uniqueness, and Re-Creation System) - 3 Entrepreneurships -

1. A social system must first be created.

2. Because the posterity must be saved, you must go toward a cultural system.

3. You must go toward a missions system.
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