2021.09.25 Study of Evangelism - People Who Transcended Time and Space (Acts 1:8)


The evangelists of the Early Church were those who transcended time and space. Evangelists must remain inside of that.

▣ Introduction_ Their Present Location Is Important

God has placed all of you inside a system that can do evangelism. Every part of your life must be evangelism. Being inside of this is important, not the method.

Acts 1:1

Acts 1:3

Acts 1:8

▣ Main_ You Must Be Inside of Acts 1:1, 3, and 8.

1. Why “Only?” (Acts 1:1)

1) Deceived by Genesis 3:4-5 → Enter Genesis 3:15

2) Genesis 6:4-5: Nephilim → Genesis 6:14: Enter the Ark

3) Exodus 3:1-10: Complete Slavery → Exodus 3:18: Entered Liberation

4) Isaiah 6:1-13: Complete Destruction → Isaiah 7:14 & 60:1-22: Immanuel & Called Children of the Light

5) Acts 1:6-7: “It is not for you to know.” → Acts 1:3 & 8: God's Kingdom and "Only Holy Spirit"

▷ Don’t try to solve problems, go inside those verses. Everything will be completed.

2. How Must You Do “Only?” (Acts 1:3)

Until "Uniqueness" Is Seen

“uniqueness” took place.

2) Exodus 3:18-20: Until You Can See the Important God- Given Covenant

3) 1 Samuel 3:19: Saw “Uniqueness”

1 Samuel 16:13: From the Day He Grabbed Hold of the Covenant of “Uniqueness”

4) 2 Kings 2:9-11: Until the Time He Received a Double Portion of Spirit

5) Daniel 6:10: Every Day, 20: Always, 22: No Matter the Incident, Saw “Uniqueness”

6) Acts 2:1-3: The Answer of “Uniqueness” That Came upon Mark’s Upper Room

3. Until When Must You Do This? (Acts 1:8)

Until "Re-Creation" Takes Place

1) Genesis 45:1-5: After becoming the governor, from then, the works of "re-creation" arose.

2) Exodus 5:1-12:46: Through the ten miracles, the culture of Egypt was overturned.

3) 1 Samuel 7:1-15: After the Mizpah movement arose, all wars ceased.

1 Samuel 17:1-47: Defeated Goliath

4) 2 Kings 6:8-23: At Dothan, defeated Aram without fighting.

5) Daniel 3:8-24 & 6:10-22: Even with imminent death, the works of "re-creation" a rose.

6) Acts 12:1-25: As soon as the church of Antioch arose, an even greater tribulation arose. → Prayer → Became a Turning Point

▷ Just know and believe it. As soon as I open my eyes, “What blessings has God prepared?” → Great Anticipation / Problems? → “What kind of blessings has God reserved?” You cannot do it with your own strength. → “What great plan has God prepared?” Continue until you can see main points 1,2, and 3.

▣ Conclusion_ 2022 The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd RUTC "Answer 24"

“Those Who Remained 24,” “Pilgrims 24,” and “Conquerors 24"

All believers must become like this. These are our prayers for next year. God will undoubtedly fulfill them.
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