2021.09.25 Core - People Who Received the Answer of Transcending Time and Space (Acts 2:1-13)


All of you are the evangelists of this age. You must absolutely discover what's in the Bible and enjoy it.

In order to receive the answer of transcending time and space, you must be inside of it. Through Christ, you must be inside of "only." Answers will undoubtedly come. You must be inside of God's Kingdom, "uniqueness." The works of "re-creation" regarding world evangelization and "only Holy Spirit" will arise. You must remain inside of this.

Those who received the answer of transcending time and space were the ones who gathered in Acts 2:1-13. They listened to the covenant once at the Mt. of Olives and made their conclusion. What did they do for that to take place?

▣ Introduction

1. Grab hold of world evangelization that will actually take place. (That will become the true answer.)

2. You must overcome yourself. (Overcome Yourself) That is Galatians 2:20 (True Gospel)

3. The problems of the world aren’t problems. It doesn’t matter. (True Witness)

▣ Main

1. What must it be “only,” “uniqueness,” and “re-creation?” (The prayer and power of those who remained are needed.)

1) You can’t do world evangelization with your limitations.

2) The Nephilim filled age has arrived. They are doing the three transcendences incorrectly.

3) The Path through the 9 Time Schedules – You were left behind to take the path through the "9 Time Schedules."

▷ You will restore the image given by, save your spiritual state, receive the infinite life force given by God, and be filled with the Holy Spirit. As a result, you’ll communicate with the answer of the throne and be connected with the answer of transcending time and space. In doing so, you’ll shine the light on the 237. Then, God will prepare you as a person of unprecedented and never again to serve the church. You must look for those three and go on that path. For those who have been saved, there’s need to hold onto anything else and suffer.

2. When will it take place? (The Prayer and Power of Pilgrims)

1) Praying in the mountain, in the field, and special prayers refer to your posture or attitude toward God.

2) The pilgrims’ prayer was “24,” “25,” and “00” (Eternity) Even if you have nothing else, enjoy it to that extent.

3) RT 7, Heroes of Hebrews 11, the Early Church, and Pilgrims (Sojourners and Scattered Ones)

They possessed the three mysteries in the introduction and remained inside the power of the prayer of those who remained and pilgrims.

3. How must you do it? (The Conquerors’ Prayer and Power)

1) Do One Thing – Trinity ("Only Jehovah," "Only Christ," and "Only Holy Spirit.")

2) Only One Thing – “Only,” “Uniqueness,” and “Re- Creation”

3) Only One Thing – 1, 3, and 8

4) Through Only One Thing – Constantly Enjoyed Thanksgiving, Happiness, and Power

5) Through Only One Thing - Healing, Evidences, and Conquest by Binding the Force of Darkness Constantly Arose

▣ Conclusion

1. God has given to you the easiest thing.

2. It's easy for those who have been saved. It's impossible for those who haven't been saved.

3. Power Given Solely to Evangelists. – “Only,” “Uniqueness,” and “Re-creation” and the Path of the “9 Time Schedules”

▷ Hold onto this covenant and start praying. When the evidences come, you’ll surely stand as a witness.
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