2021.09.26 1st Service - What to Do with My Jericho? (Joshua 6:8-11)


You have now heard the Word regarding Jericho many times. It's now time for us to conclude what we will do regarding your Jericho. What must you do regarding your Wall of Jericho?

▣ Introduction

1. The Blessings That Joshua Received – Joshua 6:27: “So the Lord was with Joshua, and his fame was in all the land."

▷ Unbelievers saw and said, “That person is blessed by God.” “God is with his business.” There’s no greater blessing than that.

2. The Answers That Joshua Received before Jericho (Joshua 1:1-9)

1) Joshua Who Enjoyed the Blessing of "God's Presence 24" – “I will be with you.”

The first blessing that Joshua received was, “Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed. Just as I was with Moses, so I will be with you." (Joshua 1:1-9) Joshua realistically enjoyed this for "24."

▷ Why did God tell believers not to be afraid?

(1) Job 3:25

(2) 1 John 4:18-19

(3) 1 Peter 5:7-8

(4) Philippians 4:6-7

2) Joshua Who Knew That Jericho Would Fall – No One Can Defeat You

Holding onto the covenant of “Do not be frightened,” and armed with information given by Rahab, the doors to the city were shut and no one went in or out. He confirmed that everything was finished after hearing that the people’s hearts had melted.

3) More importantly, it didn’t matter for Joshua whether Jericho fell or not. – They would still enter Jericho.

Why? Even if Jericho didn’t fall, God would still lead the Israelites there. God had already promised that they would enter Jericho.

▷ “Prayer 24” isn’t difficult. Just enjoy the power and blessings that are seen. Take long breaths and continue praying.

▣ Main_ The 3 Reasons and Methods to Destroy Jericho

1. Joshua 6:4 - Follow the Ark of the Covenant and March around Every Day

1) Imprint the Covenantal Word

(1) Genesis 3:15 – Imprint what was lost.

(2) Genesis 6:14 - Imprint the Ark - The Power of Salvation

(3) Exodus 3:18 - Imprint Liberation - The Day They Applied the Blood

2) Grab hold of the “only one who remained in your family line and your workplace” and march around.

3) Enjoy the blessing of "Word 24" and the one who remained and the work of Jericho falling will arise.

2. Joshua 6:10 - As You March around, Don't Open Your Mouths

1) Enjoy the Blessing of “Prayer 24”

2) God's Power Will Be Rooted in You (Plan)

3) Why? You are the pilgrim who must go to Jericho. - Through the pilgrims' prayer, your Jericho will fall.

3. Joshua 6:10 - On the last day, everyone must shout loudly in unison.

1) Experience the Power of the Conqueror

2) Experience the Power of the Prayer of Oneness

3) The Amazing Works Regarding Your Family Line and the World – Miracle at Jericho, Defeated the United Forces of Amorites, Possessed the Anak Fortress, and Entered Canaan

▷ Restore “Prayer 24”/ Instead of being resentful or discouraged when you meet problems, it's much easier to look to God.

▣ Conclusion_ You will see three things.

1. They thought that they had suffered in the wilderness; however, they saw God's eternity. – With Us Even Now

2. After the Wall of Jericho fell, they saw God's sovereignty. – The Destruction of the Wall of Jericho was God's Sovereignty

3. After they entered Canaan, they realize God's absoluteness. - The Covenant Doesn’t Change

▷ Like Joshua, "prayer 24" of one person can change everything. More importantly is regardless of answers, you must continue. Don't calculate whether you receive answers or not. If it Jericho falls, you will go accordingly. If it doesn't, you will still go accordingly.

▷ Even though he was placed in the den of lions, he still prayed as before. (Daniel 6:10) Before being placed in the den of lions, the king said, "May your God, whom you serve continually, deliver you!" (Daniel 6:16). Early in the morning, the king asked, “Has your God, whom you serve continually, been able to deliver you from the lions?" (Daniel 6:20) Daniel’s reply, "O King, live forever!" They are words of those who know prayer and are saved. What are your problems? There's no need to worry. You must gain strength through "power 24." Then, evidences will follow.
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