2021.09.26 Remnant - Remnants and the Jericho Movement (Joshua 6:1-7)


▣ Introduction_ Three Aspects (Know the 3 Aspects & Do “Prayer 24” - Finished)

Adults and 3 organizations don’t know the 3 aspects well. That’s why God has sent Remnants here.

1. They don’t the spiritual world well. – As a result, they don’t know prayer.

1) Because they don't know prayer, they are unaware of its necessity. Adults need to have money. They are slaves to money.

2) They can’t see the hidden field. They don’t know Satan, the works of the Holy Spirit, and spiritual beings.

3) They are unsure of spiritual facts.

2. They don’t know the realm of darkness well.

1) Egypt Disasters (Skills)

▷ Because Egypt was within tremendous disasters, the world faced hardships. Inside of this, Moses cultivated his skills inside the palace.

2) Wilderness Curses (Spiritual Power)

▷ They came out to the wilderness and a tremendous curse was awaiting them. Through wars among nations, the wilderness became a terminal. As they passed through the wilderness, God made the Remnants cultivate their spiritual strength.

3) Canaan Seized by Idolatry

▷ Canaan fell completely into idolatry. That’s why God sent Remnants there.

3. They don’t the Summit world well.

1) 3 Transcendences - Throne, Time and Space, and 237 Light – Without knowing these, the world cannot be changed.

2) 3 Settings – See the 3 Transcendences established in you means that God’s image, life force, and the power of the Word have come upon you.

3) 3 Unprecedented and never again will come.

▷ Without knowing these three things, it’ll be difficult as you struggle outside these. (introduction 1, 2, & 3) Although they believed in Jesus and received salvation, they were slaves to the world and continued to run Satan’s errands. That was why God sent the 7 Remnants there. That is the most important story in the Bible.

▣ Main_ What does the fall of Jericho mean?

1. Remnants Who Transcend the Past (Healing of Scars – Those Who Remained)

▷ Even though they came out of the wilderness, they couldn’t overcome their past. They were those who remained.

1) They possessed the exact habits of Egypt.

2) They possessed the exact disposition of slaves.

3) They possessed the exact nature of the wilderness.

2. Remnants Who Transcend Today (Overcome Conflicts – Pilgrim)

▷ You are now on the pilgrims’ path to save the world. In order to realize this, we are doing world evangelization and holding events together.

1) Solely Follow the Ark of the Covenant (vv. 4) - Don’t just endure your environment, make it so it doesn’t matter.

2) Meditation (vv. 10) - Don’t open your mouth and just go around

3) Oneness (vv. 20) - The day when Remnants have oneness, Jericho will fall.

3. Remnants Who Transcend Tomorrow (Overcome Anxiety – Conqueror)

▷ The Answer of Those Who Remained - Those Who Remain, Those Who Will Remain, and Those Who Will leave Behind

▷ The Answer of the Pilgrim – With Only One Thing – All Answers and All Happiness

1) This promise was already given to Joseph.

2) This promise was already given to Moses.

3) Eventually, it was relayed to Joshua.

▣ Conclusion

1. Enjoy “24” through “status prayer.” - Prayer is the time to receive the spirit that God moves.

2. Enjoy “24” through “authority prayer.” - It’s relaying the aspect received from God through prayer. Works take place in your studies.

▷ You are now on the pilgrims’ path to save the world. In order to realize this, we are world evangelization and holding events together. Even if you eat at the correct time and exercise, your health will be restored. What will happen if you pray on time? Challenge toward “prayer 24” through breathing. When you inhale, be filled with the Holy Spirit and when you exhale, pray for blessings, thanksgiving, and authority.

▷ Remnants must fight in the greatest spiritual battle. Remnants will destroy Jericho and are the main figures who will receive the answer of saving the world.
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