2021.09.26 2nd Service - Find What Is Unprecedented and Never-Repeated That Is Mine (Joshua 10:12-15)


Many Remnants and church members are struggling with prayer. Especially for Remnants because they’re young. Because it absolutely exists, you must discover your unprecedented and never-repeated answer. There’s an easy method to discover it

▣ Introduction_ See Factually (Joshua accurately saw this.)

1. As a Child

1) The Family – You’re family might be powerless and impoverished.

2) The Church – Church members are incompetent.

3) The World – Most people are slaves to money.

2. The Field of the Word

1) The Exodus – The Israelites weren’t in a position to return to Egypt.

2) Hardships in the Wilderness

3) They reached Canaan, but a crisis caused a panic.

3. Prayer – This is when your most important prayer must begin.

Unprecedented and Never-Repeated

- You must enter this prayer because it can never take place through your power or the church.

1) Discover it through “24” (The answer of WITH, Immanuel, and Oneness)

2) Only One Thing – Nothing else is needed. It will take place solely through God’s power being established in you.

3) It doesn’t matter despite crises, problems, and profit (loss). - You can be truly happy and save many others solely through God’s authority. From this point on, the unprecedented and never-repeated answer will begin.

The Start of Unprecedented and Never-Repeated

1. The Eyes to See the Word

1) The Reason and Background for the Given Word

2) You’ll see the stream of the Word.

3) You’ll see the future.

2. You aren’t praying, but seeing with your eyes.

1) Rightful – Your present difficulties are rightful.

2) You’ll see what is inevitable.

3) You’ll see what is absolute. - The Unprecedented and Never-Repeated Answer

3. You’ll see evidences. - You’ll see power.

1) You’ll believe in and see the 3 Transcendences given from above.

2) You’ll see the 3 Settings placed in you through God’s image.

3) You’ll see unprecedented and never-repeated.

▣ Main

1. You’ll follow the past unprecedented and never-repeated answers exactly as you had seen them. - “Just as I was with Moses”

1) They followed Moses and saw the Exodus.

2) When Moses crossed the Red Sea, God was with him.

3) When the Tabernacle moved, they saw a pillar of cloud and a pillar of fire protecting it.

2. You’ll find today’s unprecedented and never-repeated. - “Those Who Remained, Pilgrims, and Conquerors”

1) The Prayer That Transcends the Environment (vv. 12) -“The Lord spoke, ‘O Sun, O moon!’”

2) The Prayer That Transcends Yourself (Authority) - “So be it.”

3) The Answer that transcends the age will come. - It was scientifically proven.

3. You’ll see the unprecedented and never-repeated answer regarding the future.

1) Canaan has 7 tribes.

2) There are 31 kings. - God promised to give them the land, so it wasn’t a problem.

3) God has made preparations to carry out world evangelization.

▣ Conclusion_ If you start with the truth, you must continue without lies. At this time, God will work.

▷ The prayer of the 7 RTs – Continuing without lies was the prayer of the 7 RTs. Joseph confessed, “My brothers didn't sell me but it was God who sent me ahead of time.”

▷ Don’t be deceived by Satan's lies. - Joseph and David weren’t deceived.

▷ Unprecedented and never-repeated answers await RTs. Begin truthfully, pray, and don’t be deceived by Satan. Darkness and never prevail over the light.
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