2021.10.02 BIM - What to Heal First (Matthew 6:33)


▣ Introduction_ Scars + Heart, Thoughts, and Mental Aspects + Spiritual Problems

▷ Great scars are connected with people who usually commit suicide. Suicide takes place among those who are emotionally, cognitively, and mentally weak and on top of that, spiritual problems persist.

1. Because they feel discouraged, they usually think about dying.

2. Because they’re in the midst of confusion, they think that others are making their lives difficult. They also say that they can see evil spirits.

3. Seeing them after they’ve made their resolution, they have a strong motive to die for the sake of revenge.

▣ Introduction

1. Spiritual Diseases (Could Not Overcome Unspeakable Hidden Problems)

1) The Start – Satan has already occupied people.

2) The Process – Idolatry, that is, Satan continues to constantly torment people through things that aren’t the answer.

As a result, they have no choice but to fall into the state of an unbeliever.

3) Through the family line, this condition affects people on a personal level.

2. What must be done prior to healing?

You must catch people’s characteristics.

1) They are filled with hate. (Matthew 5:24 - Before giving worship, this issue must be first resolved first.)

2) They possess the level of babies and are extremely focused on physical matters.

3) They have a lot of resentment.

They have difficulty adjusting to society.

3. Actual Healing is the most important.

1) Healing Their Environment (Family members need to be strengthened in order to help those contemplating suicide.)

2) There’s no system to help people resolve their spiritual problems. When a person who wants to commit suicide says, “I have to live,” a system is needed to help them do so.

3) There is a need for suicide prevention education during childhood.

▣ Conclusion_ A concentration system to look after people thinking about suicide is needed.

1. Church System 24

A system for them to comfortably receive strength at church is urgently needed. The most important are resources and materials and facilities.

2. Special Organization 24

3. Contact-Free Healing System 24

This is the system which has the greatest amount of importance. Build a website or channel so people can continuously watch content that can help them.
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