2021.10.03 1st Service - The Anak Hill Country Is Already Conquered (Joshua 14:6-15)


If God forsakes us, our nation will cease to exist. That’s what happened to Egypt. If God blesses us, the nation will be restored through one or two people. That is the story of the Pentateuch. Why is the story of the Anak hill country being told again? It's not for the sake of studying. You must confirm the answer given by God. What must you confirm? The Anak hill country has already been conquered. That is God’s promise.

▣ Introduction_ What must you discover?

▷ A majority of believers ask the same questions. At times, they’re filled with unbelief and even waver. They ask, “What kind of prayer should I pray?” They also ask many other questions. Not once did Joshua ever pray like that.

1. Joshua Enjoyed “Summit Time” on a Daily Basis

1) By looking at Moses, he personally edited God's Word on a daily basis.

2) While continuing to pray for 40 years, he explained (plan) about God’s works regardless of answers.

3) After entering Canaan, he continuously "designed" to carry out world evangelization.

2. When You Hold onto Prayer Daily, Your Eyes Will Change First

1) Your eyes to see material wealth (finances) will change.

▷ The most hidden problem on the wilderness path was in regards to material wealth. Those who didn’t enter Canaan were the ones who ate and lived safely in Egypt. Whenever a crisis occurred, they wanted to go back to Egypt and become slaves again. When they came out from Egypt, God had already worked. He instructed them to bring all the silver and gold they had gathered which was more than enough to build the Tabernacle. He filled the house through the battle of Amalek, the treasury of Jehovah was filled through the conquest of Jericho, and by defeating the Amorites, God gave enough power to enter Canaan. Those who are bound by the future will absolutely prevail.

2) The eyes to see problems will change.

▷ Those who are bound by their pasts will absolutely fail. Those who are bound by their “today” will absolutely have conflicts.

3) The eyes to see the future will change. The Anak hill country was already given by God.

3. Restore This Power (Strength) - Visible Answers Will Follow Afterward

▷ Think about it all night. Illnesses come afterward. By enjoying spiritual blessings, the answers of the spiritual throne will begin to come.

▣ Main_ What's Important? Jericho and the Anak Hill Country Aren’t Important

1. Numbers 27:18 – Joshua, a Man in Whom Is the Spirit of God

1. Those Who Are Edited with the Power of the Throne through "Prayer 24"

2. Those Who Transcend Time and Space through the Plan of "Prayer 25"

3. Those Who Possess the Light of the 237 and Pray within the Time Schedule of "Eternity"

Those who saw this and were filled with the Spirit of God.

1) The One Who Became the Successor after Serving as Moses' Servant

2) A Person with Bold Faith (Numbers 14:6-9)

▷ Take what God has given and go. Realizing that is your daily prayer.

3) A General with Tremendous Wisdom

4) A Person with Great Leadership and Trust

▷ It has no choice but to take place! Look only at the Lord, just follow “only Word,” and follow “ God’s power.”

2. The Field of the One in Whom Is the Spirit of God

▷ The works of the Holy Spirit will take place in your field. What will happen if that occurs?

1) Your Entire Past Is an Answer – Rightfulness, Inevitability, and Absoluteness

2) Today's Answer – The Anak Hill Country

▷ The Israelites lived in fear before the Anak hill country for 45 years, but Caleb, who was now an old man, came to the forefront and spoke about what Moses had said. Afterward, Caleb said that he would enter the land of Canaan. Furthermore, he confessed that because the Lord was with him, he would eventually possess this land. These are the eyes of those who are filled with the Spirit of God as they see the field.

3) The Future of the One in Whom Is the Spirit of God Is the Answer

3. The Two Co-Workers of the One in Whom Is the Spirit of God (The Establishment of Disciples)

▷ Works take place only when disciples are established. When you start a Darakbang, your standard must be to find disciples. Business and Industry should be done in the same manner. (mindset of disciples) You must gather disciples.

1) Disciples don't fall into trials because of problems.

2) Disciples don't fall into trials because of people.

3) Disciples don't waver regardless of what takes place.

▷ Joshua and Caleb both made their confessions of faith. The fact that livers and gall bladders (hearts) melted was accurately seen. Those who were moved by the Spirit of God; the field moved by the Spirit of God; and the disciple who was moved by the Spirit of God...this is the end.

▣ Conclusion_ God's Plan That Remains

▷ It isn’t about conquering the Anak hill country and going to Canaan. It’s about going to the 237 nations and saving the posterity and those who are sick.
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