2021.10.03 Remnant - What Comes Before What Is Unprecedented and Never-Repeated (Joshua 10:10-14)


If Remnants put this into application just a little bit, it can influence their entire lives. Thus, what comes prior is important.

▣ Introduction_ Summit Time (Concentration Point)

Remnants have “Summit Time.” By meditating peacefully for even for a moment, answers will come. In addition, for those who have “Summit Time,” they’ll do absolutely great works. Moreover, what Remnants do just once or twice can appear when they become adults. Conversely, if they fall into an addiction point, they’ll suffer for the rest of their lives. That’s why they should play games moderately.

▷ Immanuel Kant (morning scheduled time – walked and prayed), Thomas Edison (fished at sea and focused on many other tasks)

1. Enjoying the Spiritual World – The Answer of the Throne (John 6:63)

▷ By enjoying the spiritual world, the answer of the throne will come. Glucose becomes toxic when there is a lack of oxygen; however, when there is enough oxygen, it becomes energy. One’s thoughts and heart are spiritually connected, but breathing connects with both. In the end, it will communicate with the throne.

▷ Before great problems come, have “Summit Time.” Unprecedented and never-repeated isn’t a miracle, but the result.

▷ John 6:62 - "It is the Spirit who gives life; the flesh is no help at all."

2. Enjoying the Power of the Gospel (Moses & Joshua)

By establishing the Gospel in you and enjoying it is the real unprecedented and never-repeated.

3. Enjoying Works

Those who really do this prayer will enjoy works. They’ll ride the stream of works and enjoy it.

▷ For those who know all three, even if they have no background and don’t receive any help, they can still gain victory.

▣ Main_ Do three things prior to receiving unprecedented and never-repeated answers.

1. Grab hold of the unprecedented and never-repeated evidence. (Covenant)

1) God Who Was with Joseph

Joshua knew why he came to Egypt and the works that had arose. He never wavered even though others did.

2) For 40 years, he saw the evidence of God being with Moses.

3) He held onto his God-given covenant. (Joshua 1:1-9)

▷ When problems come, don't make excuses; instead, hold onto the covenant as evidence. Whether works take place or not, if you hold onto the correct covenant, it won't matter if answers come or not. It's even fine whether you live or die.

2. Make an unprecedented and never-repeated opportunity. (When problems arise, try to seize them as important opportunities.)

G r a b t h e u n p re ce d e n t e d e v i d e n ce a n d c re a t e unprecedented opportunities. While with Moses, Joshua did not miss very important opportunities.

1) A Battle with Amalek - When Moses prayed, Joshua fought.

2) Joshua 1:1-9 – When Moses died and the Israelites wavere, Joshua held onto those situations as unprecedented and never-repeated opportunities.

3) Joshua 2:1-16 - At the most important time, the Israelites sent spies who met Rahab. Before Joshua received unprecedented and never-repeated answers, he enjoyed.

3. Create an unprecedented and never-repeated masterpiece. (The Faith to Know What Unbelievers Don’t Know)

1) Crossed the Jordan River – Made a Commemorative Monument

2) Broke Down the Wall of Jericho - Followed the Ark of the Covenant to solely enjoy the covenant and prayer. Followed only one covenant.

3) A Battle with the Amorites - "Spoke to the Lord." The prayer to enjoy your status and authority.

▷ By enjoying this unprecedented and never-repeated blessing of the spiritual world, these three will come. You must do church work, studies, and business in the same manner.

▣ Conclusion_ Numbers 27:18 - (A Man in Whom Is the Spirit of God)

▷ Remnants, don’t receive answers from worthless things made by people; instead, receive answers from those who are moved by the Spirit of God. Don't be seized by the Nephilim like the 3 organizations; instead, have time to be moved by the Spirit of God.

1. Have “Summit Time” - If possible, have it in the morning.

Have Time to Enjoy Your Position (Watchman, Doctor, & Ambassador) - If possible, have it in the afternoon.

Create an "Only, Uniqueness, and Re-Creation System" (OURS) - If possible, have it at night.

2. The answers of “24,” “25,” and “Eternity” will come. As you enjoy “Summit Time,” you’ll become the Summit.

3. Whenever an event occurs, it will become an opportunity. This will take place before unprecedented and never-repeated.

Even very small works for Remnants will later come as big answers and lifelong answers. Conversely, if Remnants don’t realize the Gospel and spiritual problems come, those issues will turn into big problems when they become adults.
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