2021.10.03 2nd Service - The True Me, My Things, My Field (Judges 21:25)


There is a vessel for answers. Even if you work hard, if your vessel isn’t prepared, works won’t take place. There are some people who fail despite doing their best. Then, which vessel is considered the best?

▷ The greatest vessel is the “true me whom God desires,” “my God-given things,” and “my field that God desires.”

▣ Introduction_ “According to One’s Opinion” - Darkness Will Follow

▷ Pharaoh thought that doing what he felt to the very end was the best thing to do. Since childhood, half of the world's elites were educated to work to the very end. Fourteen judges fought to the end, and the king of Egypt and King Saul did things according to their own thoughts. That was a ludicrous notion in God’s eyes and the best idea in Satan's eyes.

1. Genesis 3:4-5 (Satan’s Voice - You can be like God. You don't need to believe in God.)

→ Genesis 3:15 (The offspring of the woman will crush the head of the serpent. - Freed by the Light)

2. Genesis 6:4-5 (The Voice of the Nephilim – Living According to One’s Opinions – Hear Satan’s Voice)

→ Genesis 6:14 (Build an Ark)

3. Genesis 11:1-8 (People’s Voices - We must join forces and make a name for ourselves – Formed the Tower of Babel)

→ Genesis 12:1-3 (God saw Abraham and told him to leave from there.)

4. Exodus 3:1-10 (The Voice of the Environment – Everyone Dies – Will Be Dragged from Here)

→ Exodus 3:18 (God Gave the Message of Liberation / “Tell them you are to give a blood sacrifice.”)

5. Isaiah 6:1-13 (The Voice of Popular Opinion – By listening to it, everyone dies.)

→ Isaiah 7:14 (Look! "The virgin shall conceive and bear a son, and shall call his name Immanuel.")

6. Matthew 16:13-15 (The Voice of Religion – By Continuing to Hear the Voice of Religion – You'll Become Like Elijah)

→ Matthew 16:16 (“You are the Christ, the Son of the living God.”)

7. Acts 1:6-7 (A Political Voice - When will we be liberated?)

→ Acts 1:8 (“But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you, and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth.”)

▷ From the beginning to the end of temple construction, we must listen to God's voice At that time, darkness that surround people will fall and the light of God will shine.

▣ Main_ By looking in the Bible, you must see three things.

Those Who Are Brought by God

Those Who Have Received Answers from God in Advance

Those Who Have Received the Blessings of Businesses That Align with World Evangelization

→ Then, who has seen all three mentioned above?

▷ Those Who Saw the Three Things during the 40 years in the Wilderness

1. The “True Me” Whom God Has Made – Those inside the “9 Time Schedules” of God

1) 3 Transcendences – The Blessing of the Throne, Time and Space, & the 237 Light

2) 3 Settings – Revive God’s Image in You, Your Soul, & Your Life Force

3) 3 Unprecedented and Never-Repeated – Called You to Receive These 3 Blessings

2. “My Things” That God Desires – Those Centered on the Tabernacle Will Receive Answers

1) Your things aren’t needed. Moses – Solely Centered on the Tabernacle, the Tent of Meeting, & the Tent

2) David made all preparations centered on temple construction.

3) The church was completed by the Early Church. This is the most important thing that God has given to you.

When you leave this world, you can't take anything with you. Only God’s church will remain.

3. God will bring all things to your field. - The 3 Courtyards outside the Tabernacle

1) The Courtyard of Gentiles – Signifies the 237

2) The Courtyard of Prayer - Signifies Healing

3) The Courtyard of Children - Signifies the Remnant Summit

Don’t lose hold of these courtyards. Those who know these three will never use humanism. God truly desires a church like this in this age.

▣ Conclusion_ If you hold onto the covenant “now,” God will work in “all places.”

“The Lord's Hosts” - God sends His hosts whenever He gives the Word.

“The Lord's Angels” - God sends angels whenever He needs important errands to be carried out.

“The Lord's Army” - God sends His Army whenever spiritual wars break out.

·Genesis 32:23-32 - God sent his angel whom Jacob wrestled. Jacob’s name was changed to Israel.

·Exodus 14:14 – By holding onto the accurate Gospel, the Lord’s hosts protect you from the front and in the rear.

·Psalm 103:20-22 – Angels Who Fulfill God’s Word! Angels Who Fulfill God’s Will! Bless the Lord!

·2 Kings 19:35 - On the night when King Hezekiah prayed, the Lord’s angel struck down the Assyrian army.

·Daniel 3:8-24 – The Lord’s angel transcended the fourth and fifth dimensions to give protection.

·Daniel 6:22 – Last night, God sent his angel and shut the lions’ mouths.

·Acts 12;1-25 – In the midst of an extreme crisis, church officers of the Early Church gathered and prayed. At that time, the Lord’s host struck King Herod, and he was eaten by worms and died.

·Acts 27:24 – Last night, an angel of the Lord said, “Do not be afraid! You must stand trial before Caesar.”

▷ For those who hear God's voice, the work of bringing true blessings in advance will occur. Don't worry about anything; instead, hold onto the “true me,” “the church,” and “world evangelization.”
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