2021.10.09 Core - Lec. 3 Life Design That the Military Must Do (Joshua 10:10-14)


When the 4th Industrial Revolution takes place, it’ll become an age of being contact-free, so Military Missions must do three tasks. First, “How will soldiers meditate?” (The Word) Second, “What is realistic prayer and how can you be equipped with power?” (Prayer) Third, it comes out in Joshua 10:1-14. In the war against the united Armorite forces, the sun began to set. When the sun goes down, the Israelites will lose. However, God's absolute plan can never lose. From here, a tremendous life design comes out. Your life design must be, “How can I evangelize and become a witness?” (Evangelism) Ultimately, it is the “3 Todays.” The most important answer in life design is “unprecedented and never-repeated.” Only when you possess this answer can you evangelize; survive the 4th and 5th Industrial Revolutions; and gain victory.

▣ Introduction_ All the witnesses in the Bible received the unprecedented and never-repeated answer. By having a few experiences, you’ll be able to receive it. .

1. You need to quickly discover the cause why problems have come.

1) Rightful - Your problem is one that had to come.

2) Inevitability – What is rightful has come, but why has it come now?

3) Absoluteness – From here, you’ll see absoluteness. In doing so, you’ll see the unprecedented and never-repeated answer. With it, you can carry out military missions and evangelize the whole world.

You must find the meditation that really moves the world, the prayer that reflects God’s power, and your God-given things (unprecedented and never-repeated) to do world evangelization.

2. A Time Schedule to find the unprecedented and never-repeated answer.

1) You must find “today's unprecedented and never-repeated.”

2) You must find “unprecedented and never-repeated” at church.

3) This is why you work. You must constantly seek this out.

3. In doing so, God will give you the unprecedented and never-repeated answer for your entire life. This was the answer that the 7 Remnants had received. The parents of the 7 Remnants also saw unprecedented and never-repeated. Armed with meditation and prayer, (power) Joshua enjoyed tremendous power on a daily basis. Joshua saw and enjoyed the unprecedented and never-repeated answer. Because you and your church are precious, you must discover unprecedented and never-repeated. Those who find this will never waver.

▣ Main_ In Joshua 10:10-14, tremendous incidents took place. The Israelites faced a dilemma. Evangelists don’t have dilemmas. Only God’s absolute power remains.

1. You must accurately look at the actual facts.

1) There was a lot of suffering because of the Exodus.

2) There was a lot of suffering because of the wilderness.

3) The United Forces were mobilized.

From here, we must see and discover two crucial points. You are absolutely impossible. However, going to Canaan was God’s will. For that reason, it was absolutely possible. As an absolute person who is inside of God’s absolute plan, don’t speak or listen to nonsense.

2. You must see the field facts.

Crises are opportunities to fulfill unprecedented and never-repeated.

1) God sent down hail to completely destroy those armies.

2) But a crisis came at night.

3) At that time, Joshua clearly saw the field and did two types of prayer. (vv. 12) “Joshua said to the Lord...” It was a prayer based on his status. “Sun and moon stand still.” It was a prayer that enjoyed his authority.

3. Those who have seen the future facts.

The remaining problems are the journey of answers. In doing so, you’ll see what is unprecedented and never-repeated.

1) No Time to Complain – The Exodus was God’s plan.

2) The wilderness wasn’t just a method. It was God’s method.

3) Canaan wasn’t just a goal. It was God’s goal.

▣ Conclusion_ It's not what “I need.” Starting now, you must do what God absolutely needs.

1. “Change the Imprints throughout the world.” This is edit and experiencing God’s Word.

2. “Change your roots.” This is plan and experiencing prayer.

3. “Change your nature.” This is design and experiencing evangelism.

By looking at those three, the stream of God's absolute plan will come out. (the absolute stream) If you hold onto your church in detail and pray, you can see God’s absolute stream in your church. That’s must you must grab hold of. That's a genuine experience.

All of you are the unprecedented and never-repeated Military Missions disciples. You must continue to do the prayer of those who remain, the pilgrims’ prayer, and the conquerors’ prayer.

I’ll end after I give another conclusion about prayer. Those who really pray don't need various prayer topics. It must be “only God,” “only Christ,” “only the Holy Spirit,” and the absolute plan so that problems won’t become your problems. Others may find them to be difficult, but they won’t be for you. This is “25,” another world, and God’s Kingdom being established. From this point on, you’ll begin to see “eternity.” That is called unprecedented and never-repeated and the absolute plan.
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