2021.10.10 Remnant - Gideon's 300 Cowards (Judges 7:5-8)


▷ This is a special scripture that comes out in the book of Judges that Remnants must know. In the war against Midian, despite fighting against a large number of Midianites, God instructed that those who were afraid among the 32,000 soldiers to leave. God then used only 300 men who were afraid and had lapped water with their hands from the remaining 10,000 soldiers. Judges 7:2 states, “Lest Israel boast over me saying my own hand has saved me.” What is God’s Word othat RTs need to understand?

▣ Introduction_ RTs Who Were Used Worldwide by God

▷ Many RTs say that they don’t have any background, can’t study well, and feel discouraged. Who did God use?

1. A Slave Who Didn’t Have Any Background

2. A Captive

3. Colonized

4. Gideon, whom God used, was a lumberer.

5. God used 300 cowards who cowered in fear.

▣ Main_ Discouragement

▷ Right now, throughout the nation and the world, many Remnants are discouraged. They feel that nothing is working out. Failing in their studies and bad environments caused discouragement. At this time, who are the workers who God greatly uses?

1. God Uses the Weak Rather Than the Strong (Worldly Background)

▷ The background that the strong have cannot change you or the world.

1) The Evidences of the 66 Books of the Bible

▷ Even if a powerful nation like Egypt arises, it cannot save people. Egypt which was demon-possessed killed people throughout the world and did terrible acts. If Moses had succeeded in the royal palace, the Exodus wouldn’t have taken place.

2) Evidences in Church History

▷ In every age, those who did world evangelization didn’t have good backgrounds; instead, they possessed God’s power and saved the world.

3) Evidences in History

▷ 1 Corinthians 1:18, it states that God raises the weak to shame the strong. “The power to save doesn’t rest in the hands of man, but in the hands of God.”

▷ Matthew 13:11-15

→ Why did Jesus speak in parables? He used them so that some could understand and for others not to understand.

→ God hides the most important blessings. He doesn’t want bad people to take them away and wants to give good people blessings.

2. God Uses Those in Whom Is the Spirit of God and Possess the Gospel

1) God used Joseph who was sent a slave.

2) God called Moses who was an adoptee and overturned Egypt.

3) God called Samuel who was nearly an orphan and overturned the world.

4) God called David who was a shepherd and changed the world.

5) God called Elisha who was a farmer and changed the world.

6) God called those who were taken as captives and changed the world.

7) God called the people of Galilee.

▷ When RTs go out into the world, they’ll meet those who easily change what they say. Don’t be deceived and don’t be discouraged.

3. God uses those who are imprinted, rooted, and possess the nature of His things.

1) When you find “the me whom God made,” answers will come.

2) When you find “my God-given talents” or “my God-given things,” works will arise.

3) When you see “my God-given field,” you’ll grab hold of the evidences of God.

▣ Conclusion_ How can you find them?

1. Those Who Remain - 24

▷ “I’m the one who remains to save my family line and the age.” Change everything through prayer. (24) For RTs, it doesn’t matter whether answers come or not. Those Who Remain - 24 / This (main) will take place.

2. Pilgrims - 25

▷ Don’t be concerned no matter the environment. 25! Even if difficulties come, it won’t matter.

3. With the Things of God, the Conquerors’ Eternity to Defeat Darkness

▷ Armed with the things of God, you are the conqueror who will defeat darkness. This is called “eternity.”

▷ Looking in the Bible and at the times, there were many RTs with bright spiritual eyes. Joseph who was in the blessing of this prayer was wiser than Pharaoh! It didn’t matter despite being enslaved or imprisoned. Even meeting the king was okay. Going into the midst of fire was okay. Even not going in was okay. Remnants, don’t ever waver. Before becoming discouraged, grab hold of the covenant and put it into practice.
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