2021.10.16 Core - Remnants Who See, Possess, and Enjoy in Advance

During your Remnant years, if you know this one thing, you’ll undoubtedly succeed. It is the Remnant who sees, possesses, and enjoys in advance. If Remnants know this, they’ll triumph unconditionally.

▣ Introduction

1. Begin now what you’ll do for the rest of your life.

1) Have “Summit Time” - Once a Day / Week – Have “Deep Time”

2) Have the “Summit Tool” - Revive your Brain. Read the Word, have thoughts, and pray. Pray during “deep time” and do deep breathing for five or ten minutes.

3) Have “Summit Content” - Trinity (God the Father comes through the Word, Christ gives liberation and authority from all curses, and Holy Spirit works with power.)

2. Remnant Years - A few settings that must be done.

1) The Gospel must be set. The mystery of Christ (Genesis 1:27, Genesis 2:7, and Genesis 2:1-8) must be set. This Gospel will be established inside of God’s image. This Gospel will entered you as “life.” As a result, the life force forms in you. If these are set now during your Remnant years, you don’t need to ask many questions.

2) Evangelism must be set. At this time, the answers of the throne, time and space, and the 237 light will continue to come.

3) When the Gospel and evangelism take place, your talents will be set. That means your unprecedented and never-repeated has been set.

▷ Because you don’t have “Summit Time,” the Gospel, evangelism, and your talents cannot be set. You have no power in your brain. You must foster this (Introduction 1) through prayer.

3. From that moment, “Summit Enjoyment” will emerge.

1) By slightly doing “Summit Time,” it will become “24.” You’ll see the answer for everything. If “24” doesn’t take place, the Gospel, evangelism, and your talents haven’t been set.

2) Works that you cannot do on your own will appear. “25” You’ll see God’s Kingdom.

3) You’ll be a ble to see “eternity.” God will reveal to you what He has hidden.

▣ Main_ See Everything through the Eyes of Introduction 1-3

1 Peter Who Enjoyed in Advance

1. Peter made a confession of faith that enjoyed the blessings of the introduction.

2. However, because the introduction wasn’t set, he ran away.

3. Despite that it was still okay. Christ found Peter and gave him the Resurrection message.

“I will be with you with all authority in Heaven and on earth. And you will be a witness to the end of the earth. Feed my lambs.” Peter was called to the Mt. of Olives and his setting began to take place. At Mark’s upper room, he came to his complete answer. And with that, it came to a conclusion. Then one day, Peter changed. (Acts 3:6 4:12)

2 The Early Church

Despite tremendous persecution, it didn't matter. The content of the introduction was already set.

1. Calvary

2. The Mt. of Olives

3. Mark Upper Room

3 Church Officers

1. These church officers began in Mark’s upper room.

2. In Acts 6, these church officers were chosen and appointed.

3. Look at their ministry. Seven people were appointed, but only Stephen and Philip were listed. For those who have the introduction, works will take place.

4 They Enjoyed Missions in Advance

The Remnant’s journey that is set in the introduction cannot be blocked by anyone. All the problems, conflicts, and crises that arise are all answers.

1. From the beginning, the door to missions opened for Mark's upper room. Before going, everything was completely set, completed, and answered.

2. The Church at Antioch and the commissioning of missionaries was the first event on earth.

3. Healing like no other on earth took place. Nobody could fix it; however, healing arose through the works of God’s amazing Word.

▣ Conclusion_ Remnants must have the power (energy) to do the content found in the main portion. Do three things.

1. Physical Power

1) Exercising 2) Reading 3) Studying

2. Nurture Spiritual Power – Heart, Thoughts, and Soul – The Most Important Is the Brain - The ability to communicate with the universe and the world is in your brain. - Do breathing and prayer.

3. Develop the Power to Concentrate – Do Concentrated Breathing and Prayer / Then, what works will arise?

Genesis 1:3 – The light of creation will shine. Think of it as gaining this light.

Isaiah 60:1-2 – The light of restoration will shine.

1 Peter 2:9 – The light of conquest will shine.

Remnants must unconditionally set the three points found in the introduction. If you really believe, then it’s possible. If this is accomplished during your Remnant years, you’ll conquer the world.
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