2021.10.17 1st Service - The Main Church for the Mizpah Movement (1 Samuel 7:1-14)

▣ Introduction_ When you realize the true Gospel, it’s finished.

People can live their lives without knowing the true Gospel. Those with high standards live with those standards and renowned individuals live a life that fits their scale. However, if one doesn't realize the true Gospel, it means they lack spiritual lives. They don't know the true aspects of life.

1. Without knowing the true Gospel, Israel faced three major incidents.

1) Enslaved by Egypt

2) Held Captive by Babylon

3) Colonized by Rome

▷ Since they don't know the true Gospel, they were unable to interpret this. Since they didn't know the true Gospel and lacked spiritual eyes, they were unable to interpret what was going on with nations such as Egypt, Persia which attacked Babylon, and Rome which attacked nations and killed numerous people due to its anxiety of the possibility of being invaded. As a result, the Israelites became enslaved, held captive, and were colonized.

2. What kind of nation was Philistia? – The 14 judges before Samuel weren't able to deal with the Philistines.

1) A Nation That Entered after Destroying the Natives – Seized Control of a Large City (Gaza, Ashdod, Ashkelon, Ekron, and Gath)

2) They served three gods: Dagon; Ashtaroth; and Baal.

3) They disrupted Israel during the Exodus from Egypt, and during the conquest of Canaan.

4) Even during the age of 14 judges, Philistia continued to plunder and attack.

5) They even killed Saul, Israel's first king.

3. Samuel knew the Gospel and saw this accurately. (Ephesians 6:12) - Our fight is not against flesh, but with Satan → The four works of Satan = Rulers and the authorities, the cosmic powers over this present darkness (criminals), the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places (strange religious organizations)

1) The Philistines weren't the problem, but Satan, who made the Philistines and king anxious, was the problem

2) Realized that they were the real problem, not the kings

3) If one realizes the true Gospel, honestly speaking, they can overcome without fighting.

▣ Main_ What covenant did Samuel, who realized the accurate covenant in which nobody was able to from the first to the fourteenth generation, hold onto?

1. He held onto the true covenant of the Nazarite

1) A Nazarite is a leader who knows the spiritual aspects, receives strength, and knows the Gospel.

2) However, as God showed a vision to Samuel of what would take place, God made it so that not a single word of Samuel’s fell to the ground.

3) Samuel gathered the Israelites and had a prayer gathering. (The Mizpah movement)

If you are a church that will relay the true Gospel, God will pour down grace. There's no reason for a church that doesn't know the true Gospel to exist. If you know the true Gospel, God will take full responsibility over you. There's no reason for you to worry.

2. This was the first time true prayer took place.

1) The prayer movement of gathering at Mizpah after realizing their faults. (vv. 5) - Once you pray while knowing the true Gospel, the Mizpah movement will arise

Many people don't possess the true Gospel. This is the problem. If one doesn't possess the true Gospel, Satan is bound to attack. The words "cross" and "Christ" can seem like nothing to others, but the spiritual being who brings curses to people and their nations is the works of Satan. (1 John 3:8) They were aware of this fact and gathered at Mizpah.

2) At that time, God sent thunder and struck down the Philistines. (vv. 10) If one restores the true Gospel and begin true works, there's no need to fear anything.

3) During the time Samuel was alive, the Philistines weren't able to invade. (vv. 13)

4) During the time Samuel was alive, there was peace in Israel. (vv. 14) The peace that God gave is the greatest blessing. Once a person who possesses the true Gospel realizes the true covenant, God begins to work. But if one who has the true Gospel stops complaining and blaming others, realizes the true covenant, and begins true works, then God will work.

3. You must begin the church-like church that has the true Gospel – The Gathering of the Repentance Movement

1) Look Only to the Lord God – It's because God's people continue doing and looking to useless things.

2) Get Rid of All Idols – Get rid of Ashtoreth. (the god of the Philistines)

3) Offered a Suckling Lamb – They were liberated from Egypt on the day they placed the blood of the lamb. From that day forward, broke down the forces of darkness with the power of the blood of the cross. The people who realized this knew the reason why people continue doing these acts in the midst of disasters.

▣ Conclusion_ Become the main church for the Mizpah Movement. Firmly hold onto this covenant.

1. Those Who Remain - That’s why they remain.

2. The Pilgrims Who Will Do World Evangelization

3. The Conquerors Who Will Make Darkness and Not People Kneel

You are going forward with this. Thus, you must accurately hold onto God's covenant whenever. It's important for you to accurately hold onto God's covenant. Those figures were Hannah and Samuel. Even if you accurately hold onto a promise made by man, it will be fulfilled. If you accurately hold onto God's covenant, works begin to take place starting from that point. Ask God what the covenant of the true Gospel is. Then you'll receive the answer of the true church.
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