2021.10.17 Remnant - What the Remnant Must Be Equipped with First (1 Samuel 16:13)

Satan's Temptations

The History of Israel's Demise

= Disasters

Gospel ×, Spiritual Strength ×, & Skills ×

▷ Only the Bible records the history of why Israel fell. Israel did not have the Gospel or did not enjoy it even though it knew the Gospel. Not enjoying the Gospel means that there was no Gospel. Because of that, they lacked spiritual strength and lacked skills, so they fell behind in culture. In the end, Egypt, Philistia, Assyria, Aram, Babylon, and Rome continued to seize the Israelites, and all the nations that destroyed Israel fell after that. In history and in the Bible, disasters are the result of leaving God, that is, being tempted by Satan. At that time, God raised works through Remnants who restored the Gospel. Remnants need to study, but they have things to prepare first. In 1 Samuel 16:13, “From that day forward!” Refers to the day after David held onto the covenant. If you hold onto the covenant accurately, this will happen! (1 Samuel 16:13)

▣ Introduction_ RT 7 「Things You Know」

1. Gen 41:38 - From the day Joseph held onto the covenant, he was greatly moved by the Spirit of the Lord. This is what Remnants must be equipped with from now on. Make sure to have this time. "This is what we absolutely need!" It's important to know this.

2. Ex. 3:18-20 – When Moses got older, he began to have spiritual experiences on Mt. Horeb.

3. 1 Sa. 3:1-19 - After Samuel experienced this power once, not a single word fell to the ground.

4. 1 Sa. 16:13 - Like David, you only need to equip it once during your Remnant years.

5. 2 Ki. 2:9-11 - When most seminarians liked other things, Elisha said that they didn't need them. He prayed, “Give me a double portion of Spirit.”

6. Is. 6:1-12 – Received the blessing of the power of the throne and spoke to Remnants. (vv. 13)

7. Ac. 1:8 - Do not worry about other things, but you will receive power only when the Holy Spirit comes on you.

▷ You only need to slightly equipped with these During your Remnant years because they’re everything. Do scheduled prayer, deep prayer, and continuous prayer. Doing scheduled prayer will give you joy. If you enjoy joyful deep prayer, you’ll enjoy continuous prayer in all fields. In doing so, the answers of “24,” “25,” and “eternity” will come.

▣ Introduction_ Three works took place after that day.

1. Me – Setting (What’s internal will be set.)

1) Gen. 1:27 - God’s image was set within this.

2) Gen. 2:7 - God breathed His “the breath of life.”

3) Heb. 4:12 – God’s Word will save your soul, spirit, and marrow.

▷ The 3 organizations ask you to develop your unconscious potential because they don’t know spiritual matters. You have a wonderful life force given by God.

2. "Setting" What’s from Above

1) The Throne - Will Work

2) Time & Space - Works Arise Regardless of Time & Space

3) 237 – Talents – Align w/ the 237 / You’ll succeed.

3. "Setting" the Hidden Things (Unprecedented and Never-Repeated - No one can take it away.)

1) Ps. 78:70-72 - Receive Unprecedented Answers – While Shepherding

2) 1 Sa. 16:23 - After entering the royal palace, unprecedented answers came. When you praise, the evil spirit flees.

3) 1 Sa. 17:1-47 - Went on an errand & defeated Goliath. From that point on, David began his international life.

▣ Conclusion_ The Light (Shine the Light in Darkness)

1. Gen. 3:15 – The Light of Creation / It won’t take place without this.

2. Is. 60:1-2 – The Glory of the Light of Creation / The Lord’s glory will come upon you!

3. 1 Pe. 2:9 - The Conquerors’ Light That Completely Saves

We must save the struggling adults and religious people. If Remnants believes, answers will come to the extent of saving the world.

▷ The Remnants' Mission This Week - Record your life. Do it once a week, or every day, even on a Sunday is fine. During worship, record your heart, conviction, and thoughts given by God.

1. The day will come when the headquarters message, the pulpit message, and you will align. From that point on, your “setting” will take place in you.

2. If you go to the field, the answers of the throne, time and space, 237 will already be there.

3. After slightly enjoying the Word and prayer, the unprecedented and never-repeated answer comes. Start your business with that.
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