2021.10.23 BIM - Lec. 2 The Pilgrim’s Path – Planning That Is Lifted to God (Acts 18:1-4)

There are things that many pastors and elders cannot do. Everyone follows the stream: however no one has the brains to change it. So, it’s okay if people do what they want. Change the stream from behind. Businesspeople who changed the age enjoyed the real things of God. The representative figures are Priscilla and Aquila.

▣ Lecture 1_ The Throne, Time and Space, & the 237 Light → Gen 1:27, Gen 2:7, Gen 2:1-18

• The blessing of this throne is the greatest promise in the Bible.

• You’ll transcend time and space. When this power is created, your business and studies will properly take place.

• The 237 light that can save the world must arise for you to save people like Bill Gates.

• This amazing blessing has been solely given to people. The soul and God’s image must be revived. (Gen. 1:27)

• God has breathed into your nostrils the “breath of life.” (Gen. 2:7). This is the mystery of prayer. In the Middle Ages, those who practiced breathing did so based on this. (John 20:22, 1 Cor. 12:13)

• At this time, the very first thing was restored. (Gen 2:1- 18)

▣ Lecture 2_ Gen. 1:27, 2:7, Heb. 4:12 → The Throne, Time and Space, & 237

• Your image (Gen. 1:27) as a spiritual being and the your God-given “breath of life” (Gen 2:7) must go toward the Word (Heb. 4:12) and the throne. This is the second most important story in the Bible. By enjoying the blessing of the throne, then transcending time and space and the 237 will naturally follow.

• If lecture 1 was “grace,” then lecture 2 is “faith.” Your attempts to do work is “religion.” Because God knows what you can never do it, the Gospel was given by grace.

• If lecture 1 was “vessel 24,” then lecture 2 is “preparing vessel 25.”

Now, you will go on the “pilgrim's path” to reveal these facts (Lectures 1-2) which must be “planned toward God.” (Psalm 19:14) From now on, you must prepare “vessel 25.”

▣ Introduction_ Now, if you don’t know the above content, three points will arise.

1. An Elite Who Isn’t an Elite

1) “I will definitely achieve it.” This causes great harm to others.

2) You have no choice but to work with worldly things. You must fight to survive.

3) You just look and rush ahead.

2. You’ll lose to people of “Nephilim 25.”

3. If people of “24 and 25” emerge, you’ll just follow their form. That’s why the Gospel is fading.

• Build an altar to enjoy this and change your imprints, roots, and nature.

• Start “prayer 24” to enjoy those and keep looking for answers to all problems (1 Thess. 5:16-18)

• “25” is enjoying the “works of God’s Kingdom.” (Acts 1:3)

① God blesses your spirit with the blessing of the throne. He makes all your spiritual states. Then, He works in your life.

② Then, you must turn toward the throne.

③ You’ll do everything with what you’ve received from above.

④ As a result, everything will turn toward the throne.

⑤ For these reasons, God gives you the answer to do world evangelization. - Time & Space & 237 Light

Because there is an unseen power, the economy becomes the economy of light. These figures continued to emerge from among the businesspeople. That’s how the stream of the age changed. They enjoyed the mystery of God’s Kingdom that gained victory without fighting. Priscilla and Aquila are the representative people whom we are talking about today.

▣ Main_ The Life That Priscilla and Aquila Enjoyed (3 Types of “Prayer 25”)

1. Limited Concentration – The Blessing of the Throne That Realistically Came

Mt. of Olives – 40 Days & Mark’s Upper Room – 10 Days / This kind of time is sometimes needed. You need to make a meeting like this. When you gather with others, you need to focus on what God has given you rather than talking about people.

1) Priscilla and Aquila were deported; however, tremendous works arose.

2) They had already participated in Acts 2:10. You need this gr ace and power.

3) At this time, a hidden economy emerges. God has always given a hidden economy through people who possessed spiritual mysteries.

2. Selective Concentration – Transcending Time and Space

1) Here, Paul met Priscilla and Aquila.

2) Their occupations and missions were the same.

3) This is where the transcendent economy emerged.

3. Oneness Concentration That Solely Fulfills God’s Will – Shining the 237 Light

1) Rightful – Discovering God’s Will

2) Inevitable – Fulfilling Oneness in order to Fulfill God’s Will

3) Absolute – God Gives the Economy of Light to Save the 237

▣ Conclusion_ Meetings and gatherings to enjoy “25” are important.

The age can change only when these three points emerge. Limited concentration to enjoy the God-given blessings of the throne, selective concentration to properly enjoy the blessing of meetings, and oneness concentration to make your work move the 237.

1. “Nephilim 25” is moving the world.

2. You must enjoy God’s Kingdom 25.

3. Among all of you, only one person needs to arise.

Everything was saved by one churc h o f f i ce r businessperson. When two or three people arise, like the members of Gaius’ team, they will completely save the entire world.

▷“Hope in the Lord.” You must spend this time alone. Everything will be restored. Then, these works in the main portion will happen through your meetings, your church, your business, your workplace. and in your fields.
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