2021.10.23 Study of Evangelism - The Evangelist’s Life (Ephesians 6:10-20)

1. The Life of “Prayer 24” - The Answer

God has given evryone the same 24 hours. The life of “prayer 24” is the evangelist’s life. The life of “prayer 24” is finding answers in everything. It isn’t about worrying or thinking a lot, it's about finding answers in the Word.

2. The Life of “Prayer 25” - God’s Kingdom

The life of “prayer 25” is waiting, but not just waiting. You’re waiting for God's Kingdom to come.

3. The Prayer L i fe of Enjoyi ng “Eterni ty” - Unprecedented and Never-Repeated

There is an unprecedented and never-repeated given only to you.

It was explained in Ephesians 6:10-20. These are words that the world is completely unaware of. “For our life and battle are only about this fight.” The forces of darkness absolutely exist, and the Bible is the only source that instructs you to fight against them. You must fight against them.

1. The Life of “Prayer 24” - The Answer

1) Rulers - Satan moves rulers.

2) Authority - Satan moves the people in authority. That's why wars occur. You must pray and bind Satan.

3) The Spiritual Forces of Evil – They create all kinds of strange religions.

4) The Cosmic Powers over This Present Darkness – These powers create all kinds of crime.

2. The Life of “Prayer 25” - God’s Kingdom

1) “Put on the helmet.” – The Assurance of Salvation

2) “Put on the breastplate.” – Peace

3) The Shield – Faith

4) The Sword – The Word

5) Shoes – Status

3. The Prayer Life of Enjoying “Eternity” - Unprecedented and Never-Repeated

1) Inside the Holy Spirit

2) Continuous Prayer

3) A Warrior Who Is Wholly Armored
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