2021.10.23 Core - Lec. 3 The Conqueror’s Prayer – The Mystery of 24, 25, 00 (Eternity) (Romans 16:3-4)

▷ Those who have the Gospel need to know what prayer is. Prayer is uniting the seven elements of your body, mind, heart, soul, brain, the throne, and the field. These seven elements have two lifelines. The physical breathing that saves your brain and “breathing prayer” that saves your spirit are very important. If you enjoy the seven realities with these two lifelines, your health will be restored, and you’ll see many answers. The standard of the answer is the content that brings glory to God. The happiest times are when you say, “This is God's work.” The answer that God gives is peace.

▷ “So, I’m conscious of my breathing and prayer every day. When I inhale, that’s the time for me to receive God’s Spirit, the Holy Spirit, and His power. When I exhale, it’s the time to convey God's blessings to those whom I’m reminded of and those who are close to me. They come from 40 years of experience.

[Lecture 1] The throne, time and space, and the 237 light must take place inside of you. It’s necessary to build that altar. It’s necessary to receive that strong grace. They must be relayed to your field and work.

[Lecture 2] Your spirit and soul and all parts of you must be directed toward the throne. At that time, the 237 answer that transcends time and space will come to you, but everything else as well. That’s called an “answer.”

[Lecture 3] Those who knew this changed the stream of the age. It is the “Conqueror’s Prayer” that overcomes the world of darkness. Here is the “mystery of 24, 25, and 00.” Knowing this, Priscilla and Aquila participated in the evangelization of Rome. (Romans 16:3-4) Their lives were dedicated to God's greatest needs.

The Current Address That Fulfills the Mystery

① W h e re v e r t h e b lessings of the throne are enjoyed, God is present.

H e w o r k s o n those who enjoy t h e b le ss i n g o f transcending time and space.

Because God is trying to save the world, He works on those who have the mystery of the 237.

② Gen. 1:27 – The Life of God in You

Gen. 2:7 – Your Soul

G e n . 2 : 1 - 1 8 – Restoring What’s Important

The place where ① and ② are combined i s t h e c u r r e n t address where God’s works are fulfilled.

③ It’s the current address to see the field that’ll save the world.

④ I n t h e p l a c e where the vessel of those who remain is prepared, God fulfills the mystery. (24)

⑤ T h e p i l g r i m ’ s vessel for those on the path as they enjoy this power has been prepared. (25)

⑥ B ecau se th e conqueror's vessel is prepared, God will pours down blessings. (00)

▷ Right now, you’re facing three ages.

1. Because the church is becoming centered on worldly things, people have no choice but to go to Genesis 3, 6, and 11, where Satan just plays tricks.

2. People continue to run errands for Satan. The church is no different from Acts 13 (Shaman village), 16 (fortune-telling village), and 19. (idol shrines)

3. The age of the Nephilim summit has come. The Nephilim are possessed by demons and seized by Satan.

▣ Introduction_ The last mystery that God wants to give you: the mystery of unprecedented and never-repeated. All of you are unprecedented and never-repeated people. If that’s so, God will give you the unprecedented and never-repeated mystery.

1. Edit, plan, and design this.

1) The Stream of the Pulpit – Don’t lose hold of the pulpit.

The pulpit has the stream of the Word, stream of prayer, and stream of answers.

2) The Stream of Power – In the midst of answers, there is a stream of power which are the five powers.

The first power that arises is the unseen spiritual power. From there, wisdom must emerge...intellectual power. From there, power must emerge...physical power. The answer that must emerge from there is power. And according to the extent of answers that you receive...many people will come...manpower.

3) Only, Uniqueness, and Re-Creation – By grabbing hold of the pulpit message, “only” was discovered and edited. By continuing, it becomes a prayer plan. You’ll wait for and know “uniqueness.” Then, “re-creation” will be designed.

1 ) G o d h a s a n u n p re c e d e n t e d a n d never-repeated plan.

2) He’ll give it to you and try to achieve it. If you properly hold onto the Word and enjoy the mystery of prayer, you’ll be able to see your unprecedented and never-repeated.

3) Finally, you’ll be able to see the unprecedented and never-repeated field.

4) Inside of this is your occupation and the Remnant’s academics. Without fighting, the answer of unprecedented and never-repeated comes, even your enemies will follow you.

▷ Really start praying. You were born to do unprecedented and never-repeated evangelism. Prayer is the Lord coming upon you, the Holy Spirit of the Lord coming upon you, and the power of the Triune God of the Lord coming upon you. You must always enjoy them. Then answers will continue to come, and you’ll always need a memo pad.

▣ Main_ How can you design what is unprecedented and never-repeated for the field? If even a small thing of yours enters Romans 16:25-27, unprecedented and never-repeated works will happen.

▷ What was “kept secret for long ages, but has now been disclosed,” and you are within it. You are giving yourself to what will remain for forever and ever. This is unprecedented and never-repeated design. If you pray as mentioned in the beginning, you will find it easily.

1. A Patron (Phoebe)

1) She was from Cenchria and helped Paul when he suffered the most.

2) She was inside the prayer of the evangelist.

3) Her name was the first to be mentioned.

▷ She was inside of Romans 16:25-27. )

2. Fellow Workers (Priscilla and Aquila)

1) They met Paul within the greatest crisis. God had planned for them to meet.

2) The connected in regards to their mission. (Romans 16:25-27)

3) They went all the way to Rome.

3. A Host (Gaius)

1) Gaius was in charge of all the expenses for Paul and the evangelists.

2) A team was formed. (vv. 23)

3) The Jewish people trampled on the Early Church, but they couldn't easily harass Gaius.

▣ Conclusion_ Have an unprecedented and never-repeated setting. – Set up the prayer of businesspeople evangelists.

1. Pray for the presence of the Holy Spirit in all places. The presence of the Holy Spirit is real.

2. In all works, confirm answers to prayer. Because all works contain answers to prayer.

3. In all incidents make unprecedented and never-repeated discoveries.

4. Regardless of answers, enjoy “only,” “uniqueness,” and “re-creation” every day.

5. Enjoy the prayers of “24,” “25,” and “00.” (eternity)

1) 24 - The prayer of those who remain is to know the reason.

2) 25 - The pilgrim's prayer has no reason because you know the reason.

3) 00 - The conqueror’s prayer is to save others, prevent disasters, and have different reasons to reveal God’s glory.

▷ You aren’t doing “prayer 24.” You’re enjoying “peace 24.” You’re enjoying “power 24.”

The current address that fulfills the mystery, this blessing will continue to come. Just change your prayers. In doing so, it’ll be over.

▷ There’s only one overall key. Don’t give fake prayers; instead, give real prayers. Pray for the power of the throne to come upon you. Pray that the Triune God will work upon you. Pray for the Holy Spirit to come upon you. Pray to be filled with Christ. In doing so, two works that matter will arise. You must do what will save your brain and your spirit.
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