2021.10.30 BIM - Let’s Pray for the General Assembly (1 Samuel 7:1-15)

Right now, we’re raising many workers without any other motives. This isn’t an expense. It’ll be a tremendous blessing. Helping gifted and talented people with what you have is a tremendous answer. It’s a great blessing to give offering to the Lord. You need to know why, then present your offering. Why should you pray for the General Assembly? Great works arose when a spiritual leader named Samuel (moderator) gained strength.

▣ Introduction_ Begin Three Prayers

1. Pray that those who have served as the General Assembly Moderator should take full responsibility for one country and one state.

2. The work of saving future churches (dependent churches) is more important than missions.

3. You must do the work of saving important Remnants who are facing hardships.

▣ Main_ It Must Be a General Assembly Where the Mizpah Movement Takes Place

1. Judges 21:25 - Living according to one's own opinion must be replaced with the Mizpah movement.

1) The Ages of the Fourteen Judges - There was never a day of happiness.

2) Philistia – The Israelites continued to suffer.

3) Individualism

(1) Genesis 3:4-5 – Seized by Genesis 3

(2) Genesis 6:4-5 – Seized by the Nephilim

(3) Genesis 11:1-8 – Eventually – Fall

2. The Mizpah Movement - All the people stood before God's Word.

1) Everyone came together in solidarity. Oneness arose.

2) All idols were eliminated.

3) The movement of "Look only to the Lord," arose.

3. The Works of Blocking Disasters Arose

1) During Samuel’s lifetime, wars ceased. (vv. 14)

2) Those who saw Samuel believed in God. (vv. 15)

3) Samuel raised David. The grace that Samuel received when he was young was relayed exactly to David. (1 Samuel 16:13)

▣ Conclusion

1. Your devotion for the sake of the Gospel is the blessing of the throne.

2. Your prayers for the sake of the Gospel transcend time and space.

3. Your offering for the sake of the Gospel 237 becomes the economy of light.

Healing the posterity and raising the Summit in the 237 nations is devotion. It’s also the economy of light. Offering should be prepared through prayer.

▷ Pray for the General Assembly so that God will make it the General Assembly to save the world.
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