2021.10.30 Core - The First Opportunity – Set with the Things of God(1 Samuel 1:9-11)

You need to change your thoughts to God's thoughts. Hannah, who didn’t receive answers for a long time, one day, came to have the thoughts of God. As a result, God answered, and she had a son, Samuel. This is the first opportunity for the parents of the Prenatal/Infant Dept. and their children to make a setting with the things of God.

▣ Introduction_ Set with Other Things – Spiritually Relayed to Children

1. Set with Unseen Greed - (Genesis 3, 6, & 11 – Self- Centered Thoughts)

2. Set with Visible Greed - (Acts 13, 16, & 19 – Visible - Colossians 3:5 - “Covetousness is idolatry.”)

3. Set with (Spiritual) Lethargy - (Within the 6 States)

You’ll continue to run Satan's errands and be led by him. That’s why spiritual problems and later, physical problems come. It turns out that your background is darkness. This will be relayed to future generations in the exact same manner.

▣ Main

1. By yourself, make the settings with the things from above. Communicate with God and receive strength from above.

The Blessing from Above - Acts 1:3 – Blessing of the Throne, Acts 1:8 Transcending Time & Space, & Acts 1:1 – The Light of Christ.

The lifelines that connect your thoughts, heart, brain, soul, reality, and field as one. - Prayer (Spiritual) & Breathing (Physical)

With these, gain strength every day both spiritually and physically.

2. With your child, save what’s inside of you.

Genesis 1:27 – God’s Image, Genesis 2:7 – Breath of Life, Genesis 2:1-18 – Restore True Happiness – From Garden of Eden

If you enjoy these blessings together with children in the prenatal/infant stage, it will last forever. Be sure to do this at least once a week.

This is relayed to children.

3. As a couple, be set with the things of God.

You, Your Church, & Your Occupation – Discover the Unprecedented and Never-Repeated Blessings

At least once, have family worship (a family retreat).

At this time, you’ll make a tremendous discovery.

▣ Conclusion_ Begin the prayer of setting three things.

1. Morning – Do preparation prayer that will change everything.

▷ In the morning, I continue to breathe smoothly and uninterrupted. When I inhale, I say, “Fill me with the Triune God”; I hold my breath for a while; and exhale. In this way, prayer and rhythm will be in perfect harmony. In just 30 minutes, you can fully restore your health. I do it for at least 3 or more hours.

2. Day – Do continuous prayer that turns everything into prayer.

▷ During the day, I always place strength in my lower abdomen. In this way, all the basics of health are accumulated.

3. Night – Do deep prayer for healing.

1) In a Tranquil Manner 2) Slowly 3) Extended (Deep)

4) Gently 5) Deeply (“Paused breathing” is extended.)

▷ Everything is passed on to children in the prenatal/infant stage through their parents. That’s why you must be truly strengthened. Of course, you must proceed with the grace given by God.
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