2021.10.31 Remnant - David’s Life Journey (Psalm 23:1-6)

The Gospel, Prayer, and the World


▷ You must learn from the life of David who received many answers. You must know the Gospel and prayer in order to know truly know the world. During your Remnant years, if you can't discover these, you’ll suffer throughout, and you’ll lose hold of many aspects that could actually be conquered in advance. There's something the Remnants must know after this. When they do this prayer and give worship, you must have something that you can enjoy. Only then can prayer take place. This is what the Remnants must discover.

▣ Introduction_ The content that David enjoyed every time he prayed

▷ During the Time When David Prayed:

1. "The Lord is my shepherd."

2. During Prayer: “Makes me lie down in green pastures.”

3. “Leads me beside still waters.”

4. “Restores my soul.”

5. “Leads me in paths of righteousness,”

5. “Your rod and your staff, they comfort me.”

6. “Prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies;” (Grants Victory)

7. “Dwell in the house of the Lord forever.”(Peace)

You must enjoy these blessings whenever you pray.

C.V.D.I.P. - Whenever you pray, firmly hold onto your covenant. You'll see your "Vision." You'll make it into your "Dream." You'll follow the Word in which God answers through "Image." You’ll make your academic masterpiece.

When You Pray: 1, 3, & 8 (The Trinity)

When you pray with these blessings: the 3 Transcendences (Throne, Time & Space, & 237 Light) take place in you.

3 Restorations (Ge. 1:27, 2:7, & 2:1-18). They will be revived. This is prayer.

3 Unprecedented and Never-Repeated – The Remnants’ studies emerge from here.

▣ Main

1. Imprints – RT Years – Everything (Ps. 78:70-72)

1) The Field – The Power of the Word

2) The Power of Prayer

3) The Power of Praise

4) The Shepherding Skills – Destroyed Goliath

5) Received Future Talents - “From Protecting Sheep to Raising a Nation”

2. The Field – Be Rooted in Events – Bear Fruit (Ps. 23:1-6)

1) Goliath – Not a Coincidence / Triumphed w/ His Skills & Talents

2) A Fugitive – Bore All Fruit

3) Death – Bore Fruit

3. Imprints, Roots, & Nature Dictate Your Fate / Change the Fate – Nation & Age

1) There were plenty of opportunities to kill King Saul, but David didn’t.

▷ The blessings of the throne were established by grace. (The first opportunity to change fate.)

2) Absalom’s Betrayal – David could’ve killed Absalom, but said, “Don’t kill Absalom.” Then, David avoided him and fled. (The second opportunity to change fate.) David prepared an important future.

3) Temple Preparation – David held onto an eternal opportunity.

▣ Conclusion_ Prayer Time Schedule

1. Ps. 5:3 (David’s Morning Prayer)

▷ Pray as soon as you open your eyes. (1 Minute) “In the morning you hear my voice,” and “Hope in the Lord.” It’ll become your tremendous rhythm.

2. Ps. 23:1-6 (David’s Afternoon Prayer)

▷ No matter the hardship, God used His rod and staff to protect David. This is continuous prayer. People will cause conflicts. Pray!

3. Ps. 17:3 (David’s Night Prayer)

▷ “You have visited me by night.”(refers to caring for David)

“You have tried my heart.”(means “looking over you” = to give strength)

▷ Prayer and 30 minutes of studying before going to bed at night have great power. It’s been scientifically and medically proven. Studying 30 minutes before going to bed and 30 minutes in the morning after waking up is more effective than studying all day. This is how you must start.
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