2021.10.31 2nd Service - A Person Who Can Do Missions (1 Samuel 20:1-11)

▷ The personal time schedule and the church time schedule that remain in the future are important. People and churches that can be used by God must be able to do missions. If you want to do missions work, you must first know what the Gospel is. Many people think that they know the Gospel, but when they evangelize in the field, very few of them have the assurance of being the saved children of God. If you really know the Gospel, you’ll know what prayer is, and then you’ll see the world. This person can do missions work.

▣ Introduction

1. Joseph, Moses, Captivity, and Colonization

▷ God sent Joseph because he didn’t know about world missions. Because Egypt moved the entire world, God used Joseph to make known who He was. When Joseph died, God raised Moses to set the Israelites free on the day of Passover, and that was relayed to the whole world. After that, the Israelites lost hold of missions again, so they became captives and eventually, was colonized by Rome.

2. David – Jonathan: Seem least likely to help, but supported David so that he could do world evangelization.

3. Paul- The Early Church realized the Gospel and carried out world evangelization through a figure like Paul.

▷ What the Layperson’s Missions Committee must always remember.

1. Contact-Free Missions Strategy – 3 Organizations – Already Conquered the World

2. Find and raise gifted and talented people w/n the 5,000 people groups among the 237 nations.

3. The Most Important Words in the Bible - Those Who Remain, Scattered Ones, Sojourners, and Hidden Ones / Find, Call, and Commission These People – From the 237 Nations

▷ God is responsible for the inheritance of all church officers who know missions (Romans 16:25-27). He has given the glory that was hidden before eternity and will be revealed for ever and ever. When one person like Joseph, Moses, and David appeared, the Gospel was preached to the whole world. These gifted and talented people must be found w/i the 237 nations.

▣ Main

1. Jesse’s Vessel – A Tremendous Preparation for Missions

1) Ps. 78:70-72 – As a Shepherd – David Praised, Meditated, & Prepared Skills to Eventually Defeat Goliath / God already appointed him as king and the one who would raise Israel.

2) 1 Sa. 16:1-12 – When Samuel came to anoint w/ oil, Jesse introduced David.

3) 1 Sa. 17:18 – Jesse sent David on an errand to the battlefield and instructed him, “And bring some token from them.” (Israelites’ Important Education Method)

2. What Samuel Relayed

1 Sa. 16:13 - “From this day forward, the Spirit of the Lord rushed upon David.”

1) 3 Transcendences (Throne, Time & Space, & 237 Light) - Make these into a platform. - Was Made for David

2) 3 Hidden Towers – Ge. 1:27 – God’s Image in You, Ge. 2:7 – The “Breath of Life,” & Ge. 2:1-18 – Blessings of the Garden of Eden / Restoring These - The Gospel / Enjoying These – Prayer / No Need to Ask for Anything / Everything Ends – Only Christ, Only God’s Kingdom, & Only Holy Spirit

3) An Antenna – 3 Unprecedented and Never-Repeated / You and God become connected. This is communicated. You become an antenna.

3. Jonathan’s Assistance

1) Crucial Assistance - At the most crucial time, helped David to escape.

2) Realistic Assistance - “Whatever you desire, I’ll fulfill it for you.”

3) Assistance That Saves the Future – Greatest Missions

▣ Conclusion_ Be Equipped with a Posterity System

▷ Starting from prenatal/infants to the Remnant Summit, be equipped with this system and begin. This is true missions. Begin a missions preschool, a nursery, and a Chinese language class. Nothing is more important than raising the posterity.

1. Prepare – For 237 Multiethnic People

2. Healing - Many 237 Nations & 5,000 People Group - Must Be Healed / Know the Gospel & Prayer – Healing Arises

3. The Summit - Make Them into the Proper Summit
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