2021.11.6 Study of Evangelism - Fruitful Evangelism Movement (Acts 1:1-8)

There’s no motive for evangelism, but it must bear fruit.

▣ Introduction_ 40 Days

1. Imprints

2. Roots

3. Nature

▷ It took 40 days to make the disciples like this in order to send them out. For 40 days, Jesus gave His final messages at the Mt. of Olives. How you enjoy this time is extremely important. This is what you must discover.

▷ Because I was a church minister, I began it at dawn. As a result, I received tremendous grace. “I must enjoy this blessing of ‘24.’” That was my conclusion. While doing the evangelism movement, the greatest answer that I received was 24. Throughout the week, I carry this sheet of paper that contains my weekly schedule and the content of my sermons. It’s isn’t about preparing the sermons. It’s about entering “24” to do what God truly desires and running errands so that all of you can receive answers. The result of that is “25.” From that point on, you’ll see what’s eternal, and give the correct message and answers.

▣ Main_ With the 9 settings, you have to see realistically.

1. A Platform – Make a platform where people have no choice but to come.

1) The Throne

2) Time and Space

3) The 237 Light

▷ Although these are given from above, they must be established inside of you. In doing the prayers of “24,” “25,” and “Eternity,” you’ll become a platform.

2. A Watchtower - A tower to watch over people and to save them is necessary.

1) Ge. 1:27 - It must be built inside of you.

2) Ge. 2:7 - Begin this prayer in earnest. The Holy Spirit works and the throne is established within you.

3) Ge. 2:1-18 - The blessings of the Garden of Eden will be restored in you.

3. An Antenna – You must have an antenna that makes helps you have deep communication. This is unprecedented and never-repeated.

1) You’ll see God’s absolute plan.

2) You’ll see what is unprecedented and never-repeated.

3) The answers of “only,” “uniqueness,” and “re-creation” will come

▷ Don’t look at or worry about other things. They will come.

▣ Conclusion

1. Lord, I look to You. - The Bible contains many verses regarding those who received these answers.

2. The Lord looks to you. - Conversely, the Bible also records this.

▷ It’s the same path, but different directions. This is the part that isn’t taking place. Most believers know this, but realistically, these parts are taking place. This is the time schedule for you to make this happen. You must make a time schedule for others to really receive God’s grace.
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