2021.11.6 Core - Three Concentrated Prayers (Acts 1:8)

• Morning – As soon as you open your eyes, do concentrated prayer to restore everything.

• Afternoon – This is the time to find answers. This is where a majority fail.

• Night – You must organize healing, power, and messages. Go into deep prayer.

Combining all these is “24.” You must exercise and do deep breathing.

▷ You become hasty when you aren’t feeling well. Sometimes, you feel like you don't have the capabilities. There are people who have hard time because they’re suffering. Others will have difficulties because they can’t solve their spiritual problems. Pray for these three things. Older people can suddenly become physically weak. Working or studying too much can cause problems. You must exercise and do deep breathing. This is my entire day. Not knowing the “prayer 24” means that you don’t know prayer.

▣ Introduction

1. Unbelievers

1) Without being aware, you’re being dragged by Satan.

2) That background is Hell.

3) Not knowing when disasters, unbelievers are always anxious.

4) This is where you are. You lost hold of God’s image (Ge. 1:27), the life given by God (Ge. 2:7), and Ge. 2:1-18.

▷ This is the unbeliever. Even if he or she succeeds, that in itself is still failure.

2. A majority of believers enjoy other things.

1) You have received the blessing of the throne.

2) However, you continue to enjoy other things (me).

3) Knowing this, Satan continues to attack.

4) God’s image has been restored, (Ge. 1:27) but it isn’t being saved. God breathed the “breath of life,” (Ge. 2:7) but you aren’t enjoying it. You’re in a state where Ge. 2:1-18 has been taken away.

3. 24

1) This blessing of the throne

2) Transcends time and space and works upon you.

3) The light to save the 237 comes upon you.

4) Where does the light come upon? It comes upon God’s image given to you (Ge. 1:27), your soul (Ge. 2:7), and inside your life force (Ge. 2:1-18) that gives restoration.

▣ Main_ You’ll receive an unprecedented and never-repeated answer that is different from others.

1. Limited Concentration – Don’t do anything else.

1) Acts 1:1-8 & 14 – Held onto and concentrated on what Christ gave on the Mt. of Olives.

2) Acts 2:1-47 – They held onto this covenant and gathered together.

3) Acts 3:1-12 – They concentrated on the lame man who sat the Beautiful Gate.

Acts 8:4-8 – They did the same concentration in Samaria.

2. Selected Concentration - Don’t waste time regarding what you can or can't do. Focus on what God has given you.

▷ In doing so, God will give what you absolutely need.

1) Acts 6:1-7 - For church officers who’ve already been chosen constantly pray to receive the filling of the Holy Spirit; the filling of faith; and the filling of wisdom.

2) Acts 11:19-30 - Because of Stephen's tribulation, they gathered together. They did “selected concentration” regarding what was given by God.

3) Acts 13:1-14 - For the first time in history, missionaries were commissioned. Focused on what God had given.

4) Acts 16:6-10 – It was okay even though foors had closed. It was onward to Macedonia. Everything was chosen by God.

5) Acts 19:1-7 – They focused on the works that arose in Mark’s upper room then left for Tyrannus.

3. Oneness Concentration – Ultimately, Satan will try to destroy the church.

▷ He’ll try to attack the church through what’s unnecessary and wrong. Don’t be deceived.

1) Acts 19:21 – The church must have oneness and “also see Rome.”

Acts 23:11 - “You must also testify in Rome.”

Acts 27:24 “You must stand trial before Caesar.”

▷ Lay down your opinions; go to church; and have oneness through God's covenant.

2) Ro. 16:25 - With What Has Been Hidden from Long Ages Past

Ro. 16:26 - What God Has Hidden Now

Ro. 16:27 – Have Oneness with That Which Will Last Forever

3) Ro. 16:20 – Satan Will Undoubtedly Kneel

▣ Conclusion_ Life’s Conclusion

The Gospel is everything. Everything is within the Gospel.

Prayer is enjoying everything.

Evangelism is the evidence of all things.

1. That was what the 7 Remnants did.

2. That was what the members of the Early Church enjoyed.

3. By enjoying these, the “5 Powers” will surely come.

1) Spiritual Power – By enjoying “prayer 24,” you’ll gain unseen strength.

2) Intellectual Power - You’ll see what others can’t.

3) Physical Power - God will give you the strength to accomplish important works.

4) Financial Power – Absolutely, you’ll receive the economy of light.

5) Manpower – Ten million disciples will arise.
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