2021.11.7 2nd Service - Let's Build Dothan (2 Kings 6:14-23)

A Temple Where Prayer and Worship Take Place Together

- The 9 Settings -

▷ Those who know prayer know the “9 Settings.” Those who know what the blessings of the throne, the transcendence of time and space, and the light of 237 are those who pray. The throne, time and space, and the 237 light will shine on God's Spirit and soul within you. From this point on, the answer that emerges is unprecedented and never-repeated.In doing so, the economy will be revived. This is prayer. Worship is bigger than that. Even greater is the temple where you worship together with others. While doing this, one thing happens that politicians, scientists, business people, and even people in the church don’t know well.

▣ Introduction_ Angels (Ge. 28:12 - When Jacob was talking about the temple, the angels of the Lord ascended and descended from Bethel.)

1. True Disciples - Angels are mobilized whenever true disciples appear.

1) The Exodus (Ex. 14:19) - After the Exodus, what happened to Moses? (The Lord’s angels were ahead and behind.)

2) David (Ps. 103: 20-21) - David’s Confession (“You mighty ones who do his word.”)

3) Dothan (2 Ki. 6:16) - The heavenly armies were far greater than the Aram army.

2. A True Prophet

1) 2 Ki. 6:6-12 - Elisha knew where the Aram army was. If you know worship; prayer; and the temple, your spiritual identity will be restored. (Spiritual Identity)

2) 2 Ki. 6:13-17 - The king of Aram sent an army to capture Elisha and surrounded the city of Dothan, but horses and chariots of fire were mobilized from Heaven. (Spiritual Background)

3) 2 Ki. 6:18-23 - The blinded Aram army was moved to the city of Samaria and was given a feast. The Aram army would never invade again. (Spiritual Authority)

3. A True Church

1) The church is where the presence of the Triune God and His angels are sent simultaneously.

2) The church is where the throne, the transcendence of time and space, and the 237 light reside.

3) Ge. 1:3 – The light of life comes upon you.

Is. 60:1-2 – The light of glory comes upon you.

1 Pe. 2:9 – You have been called to proclaim this light.

▣ Main_ The Heavenly Army (The Church – A Place of Spiritual War / Not Just Angels - Horses and Chariots of Fire Are Sent)

1. The Stream of the Covenant – The stream began from the Exodus and continues even now. The heavenly army is sent here.

1) Centered on the Tabernacle – Beginning from the Exodus

2) The Ark of the Covenant – The covenant is found within.

3) The Three Feasts

▷ A temple where you can properly enjoy these is needed.

2. Dothan - Where Prepared Disciples Were Gathered

1) There were 100 prophets who were hidden.

2) There were 7,000 disciples who didn’t kneel before Baal.

3) Whenever Elisha passed through Gilgal, Jericho, and Bethel, the apprentices gathered.

3. A Rumor That Saved the World

1) Relayed to the 237 – Because the Aram moved the world, it was relayed to the 237 nations.

2) Healing - Israel and the Aram army survived. God protected the Israelites by mobilizing horses and chariots of fire.

3) The Summit – In the end, it was the Summit.

▣ Conclusion_ The Blessings of the Throne Have No Choice but to Come

1. Create a platform of “only.”

2. Create a watchtower by using “uniqueness” that will protect the world.

3. Raise an antenna that will have “re-creation” and fulfill spiritual communication.

▷ This is Dothan. This is Mark’s upper room. This is the temple that you must prepare.

The problems are given so that you aren’t deceived by incorrect answers. Crises are given for you really carry out world evangelization.
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