2021.11.13 BIM - Business Missionaries Who Moves the World (Acts 1:12-15)

Because our businesspeople are important, there’s a need to direct everything toward receiving grace. In the Bible, although goals were important, the process was all about receiving grace. People in the world, for the sake of goals, their whole process is fighting and competition. Our process is prayer and grace. Difficulties and conflicts are the process of prayer. It was the same for the businesspeople who moved the world. In the meeting of Acts 1:12-15, very important businessmen participated.

▣ Introduction_ Those Who Knew the Reason

1. The Reason Why the Israelites Became Slaves

2. The Reason Why They Received Damage from War

3. The Reason Why They Were Held as Captives

4. The Reason Why They Were Colonized

5. The Reason Why They Had No Choice but to Become Fugitives

→ Even now, people ride the stream of these five reasons, and Satan continues to manipulate that stream.

→ The world is going with this stream right now.

→ Many people are unknowingly swept away by it.

→ All of you are businesspeople missionaries who give tremendous answers through the Gospel.

▣ Main_ Then, what must be done?

1. Those Who Possess the True Gospel

▷ Things that are not of the essence. (Matt. 16:13-14): The Ideologies of Elijah, John the Baptist, and Jeremiah – The Most Problematic – Self-Centered Thinking) These must be discarded, then, it’s over. These people gathered.

▷ Christ (Ac. 1:1), God’s Kingdom (Ac. 1:3), “Only Holy Spirit” (Ac. 1:8), The Advent (Ac. 1:11) - They received these messages and gathered (Ac. 1:12-15


If it’s the true Gospel, then the “21 Points” will come.

① Calvary, Mt. of Olives, & Mark’s Upper Room ② Heavenly Mandate, Calling, & Mission ③ How? - Rightful, Inevitable, & Absolute ④ Method – One Heart, Whole Heart, & Continuation (⑤ Only, Uniqueness, & Re-Creation) ⑥ When? - 24, 25, & Eternity ⑦ Only Christ - Imprints, Roots, & Nature

▷ 행1:12-15 – Businesspeople were present during the works that took place at Mark’s upper room. They became missionaries. “All those who don’t have Christ are targets of missions, and all those who have Christ are missionaries.” They did business and industry missions.

2. People Who Changed the Business Form

▷ Tabitha changed Joppa through her sewing. (Ac. 9:36-43). Simon, the tanner, a seller of leather goods, and changed his business form (Ac 10:1-45). A seller of purple cloth (Ac. 16:11-15), tent makers (Ac. 18:1-4), a financier, Gaius, (Ro. 16:23) changed their business forms as well.

10 Mysteries

The answers that arose for these people

were the “10 Mysteries.”

① The Mystery to Survive on Your Own ② The Eyes to See Spiritual Facts ③ Being Able to See What Others Cannot ④ Saving Others Wherever You Go ⑤ Appears during Crises ⑥ Gaining Victory w/o Competing ⑦ Possessed Main 1-2 – Works of “Re-Creation” Arose ⑧ Naturally Become the Summit ⑨ Save All Dead Places ⑩ Know God’s Absolute Plan

3. A Missionary Who Appeared to Yield, but Completely Conquered

▷ “Kept Secret From Long Ages” (9 Settings & Ro. 16:25), “Now” (Ro. 16:26), Eternal Things (Ro. 16:27) - Began to Receive These

10 Foundations of Faith

These will come as answers.

① God’s Sovereignty ② God’s Method ③ God’s Power ④ God’s Guarantee ⑤ God’s Temple ⑥ (Where’s God’s Temple Is) That Field ⑦ Supervisor of Life & Death and Fortune & Misfortune ⑧ (Time-Limited Life) ⑨ The Afterlife ⑩ All of You Must Stand as Evangelists

▷ 21 Points of the Essence of Life, 10 Mysteries, & 10 Foundations of Faith – Place your focus here.

▣ Conclusion_ If you experience these just once, things will begin to change.
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