2021.11.13 Study of Evangelism - The Evangelist's Interior (Galatians 2:20)

The evangelists’ activities are important, but their interior is more important. That’s why Paul confessed the grace that he had received, “The me that was bound for destruction in the past has already died, and now because Christ lives in me, I now live in Him.”

▣ Introduction_ Help believers correctly pray so that they can receive answers to prayer.

The 9 Settings

If you do these prayers properly, you’ll

realize, “God is really with me.” This is the answer that you’ll receive.

▣ Main_ Help believers to do prayers that’ll receive answers.

1. First, save your interior.

1) Ge. 1:27 – Revive this first.

2) Ge. 2:7 – Revive this as well.

3) Ge. 2:1-18 – This will be restored.

(Help believers to actually do these prayers.)

▷ Try this prayer. I really pray that the Holy Spirit of the Lord will come upon my mind, heart, and me. In doing so, God will help you understand the Word and revive what you can’t remember. (John 16:13 & 14:26)

2. The Age of the Exodus (Broken Down)

1) The Three Feasts to enjoy Main 1. (Christ, God’s Kingdom, & the sole background of Heaven)

2) Centered on the Tabernacle

3) The Ark of the Covenant – Live Centered on the Ark

▷ This was the reason why the Israelites were in the wilderness for forty years. If you understand this, you’ll overcome situations that have completely broken down.

3. The Age of Babylon (A State of Surrender)

1) Dan. 1:8-9 & 6:10 - Enjoy the original blessings given by God by having a time of resolution. If you hold onto the covenant and begin building an altar, evidences will soon come.

2) Dan. 3:8-23

3) Dan. 6:10-22

4. The Age of Rome (A State of Being Deceived)

1) Matt. 16:16 – This confession...

2) Gal. 2:20 – ...will become this.

3) 1 Cor. 5:17 – You’ll become completely re-created.

▣ Conclusion_ Correct evangelism will take place (A Witness)

▷ Through the prayer of “9 Settings,” if you enjoy the blessing of saving your interior, God will restore your broken situations, your state of surrender, and your state of being deceived. However, even though you know the “9 Settings,” you don't accept them within yourself. You have two lifelines. One is breathing that saves the body and the other is prayer that saves the soul. Being able to do both for 24 hours is the key.
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