2021.11.13 Core - Three Concentrated Prayers (Acts 1:8)

This is the week to pray for RU. RU Is the Platform for Enjoying 24-Hr. Evangelism. Jesus said, “Follow me.” That meant “24.” In doing so, “And I will make you fishers of men.”

▣ Introduction_ What is prayer? It is “24.”

1. 24 – This is genuine prayer. Your life must ride a rhythm regarding prayer. You must ride the rhythm of “WITH,” “Immanuel,” and “Oneness.”

2. 24-Hr. Breathing - Doing “24” means controlling your breathing. In order to do 24-hrs. of long breathing, you must be able to control everything. You must comfortably and consciously breathe while praying.

3. 24-Hr. Evangelism – You’re discovering Acts 13:48 and always enjoying it. You must always enjoy the time schedule regarding God’s appointment for salvation. In doing so, people will be revived.

▣ Main_ What is an answer? It is “25.”

1. Inner (Spiritual) Healing 「Inside of You」

1) Ge. 1:27

2) Ge. 2:7

3) Ge. 2:1-18 – These three must be revived.

▷ The throne has been established within you. The works of God’s Kingdom has taken place inside of you.

2. Prayer Healing 「From Above」

1) The Throne – The throne that has been established within you will take place in your field.

2) The Transcendence of Time and Space

3) The 237 Light Will Shine – This is prayer.

3. Evangelism Healing 「Next to You」(It’s a combination of what's from above and what’s inside of you.)

1) Matt. 4:19 “Follow me. (By continuously enjoying what’s 「Inside of You」) I will make you fishers of men”

2) Mark 3:13-15 “To be with you” (Christ fulfilled Main 1-2.) You can evangelize; gain authority; and drive out demons.

3) Matt. 11:28 “Those who labor and are heavy laden,” just come. “Come to me, and I will give you rest.”

Gal. 2:20 “Christ in me, and I am in Christ.”

▷ Important - Satan and darkness try to destroy you, but they can never touch you because you follow Christ, and you’re with Christ. You longer live, only Christ remains.

▷ Satan has conquered the world. The only method to block that is “I’ll be with you through the blessing of the throne,” “I’ll be with you with all authority in Heaven and on earth,” “I’ll be with you through the transcendence of time and space,” “I’ll be with you through the 237 light,” and “With all authority in Heaven and on earth, go to all nations.” You must enjoy these.

▣ Conclusion_ What is a witness? It is “Eternity.” That is our evidence.

1. Rom. 16:25 - What Was Kept Secret for Long Ages

2. Rom. 16:26 - Now – You are inside of this. This is a witness.

3. Rom. 16:27 – What Will Exist for Eternity. e.
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